The Inbetweeners Movie: "You Better Bring Your Wellies, Because You'll Be Knee-Deep In Clunge"

Director: Ben Palmer
Writer:     Iain Morris
                Damon Beesley
Starring:  Simon Bird
                James Buckley
                Blake Harrison
                Joe Thomas
                Lauren Haddock
                Emily Head
                Tamla Kari
                Lydia Rose Bewley
                Jessica Knappet
                Theo James
                Greg Davies
Rating:    ***

The film version of the popular Channel 4 sitcom has arrived, and although I'm not a fan of the series or the film, the audience around me never stopped laughing and it was an obvious success.

The film revolves around the 4 socially awkward teens everyone has come to know and love setting off on their first 'lads' holiday to Malia. First we have Will (Bird), he is still the one that doesn't belong in the group and he still acts as the voice of reason. His character always balanced out the other 3 boys because he was more than happy to tell them how it is, and never believed the others stories and tales about sex. He is still like this in the film and Bird's performance is believable and extremely funny. His social awkwardness is always at the forefront, but by the end of the film he really comes into his own and really gives the character a nice ending.

Jay (Buckley) is the sex-obsessed, sex-driven, sex-pest everybody has come to enjoy and laugh at when ever he gets it oh so wrong. As ever the performance given by Buckley is uncomfortable, funny and embarrassing and gives the audience endless opportunities for a good laugh. Whether he is being cacked by a 9 year old or sleeping in an ants-nest he never fails to deliver the hilarious results. Neil (Harrison) is the same old dumb, gormless tag-along he always was in the series. He still never really knows what's going on, and is still on the quest for 'pussay'. The only difference, is this time he has a girlfriend; although that doesn't stop him having a few hilarious moments with the more mature lady.

Finally there's Simon (Thomas), the love-struck, 'normal' one of the group. He starts the film still with Carli (Head) but when that doesn't go to plan he goes on holiday to try and get over her. But when she ends up going to Malia also, he spends the whole time trying to get her back. He plays the dopey Simon so well you really do hope he gets the girl, and in the end he gets what he has always deserved. Head is a bit dull in the film, but then she isn't given much to do apart from be Simons prop. It is a bit of a shame, but the film is mainly about the boys and that is where all the funny bits come from.

On the holiday they meet some girls, Alison, Lucy, Lisa & Jane (Haddock, Kari,  Knappet & Bewley). Each of the girls provide the perfect match for each of the boys, I won't say which, but they all work out perfectly. All performances given by the girls are extremely funny and at times sweet and help the boys grow throughout the movie. The character James (James) is the villain of the film. He is the new 'love' interest for Carli and is your typical hunky, butch male (the complete opposite of Simon). He does what ever he can to embarrass the boys, but in the end he gets his comeuppance.

Finally Mr. Gilbert (Davies) is just as hilarious and inappropriate as he is in the series. His one scene is one of the funniest. His utter hatred and resentment for the students at the school really comes out in his farewell speech and makes for a hilariously inappropriate moment. The writing from Beesley & Morris is just as cringe worthy and hilarious as the series and they have done really well at bringing a TV series to the big screen. They also give the fans a nice farewell to the characters, as this is their last outing (although they would be stupid to not do a couple of specials in the future).

Despite the fact I am not a fan of the series, I can see that it is funny and I did enjoy parts of it. But I can guarantee that if you are a fan of the series the film will not disappoint you in anyway,. So if you haven't seen it already, I seriously suggest you do.