Desperate Housewives - Secrets That I Never Want To Know

Starring: Teri Hatcher, Felicity Huffman, Marcia Cross, Eva Longoria, Vanessa Williams, Ricardo Antonio Chavira, Doug Savant, James Denton, Charles Mesure, Kathryn Joosten, Brenda Strong

Air Date: E4, 2011

The ladies are back, and Wisteria Lane is sexier than ever. But with one final season left for the show, what secrets will be revealed this time around?

We pick up right after the last episode, the ladies are clearing up after the dinner party, only it isn't plates and glasses; it's a dead body. The four ladies and Carlos head to the woods and bury the body, swearing to never reveal the truth, but how long will it be before they are discovered? The one that handles it the worst is Susan (Hatcher), she distances herself from her friends and also form her family. She breaks down at work and soon everyone becomes worried about her and what she may say. Her husband, Mike (Denton), wants to be there for her, but struggles as she won't communicate with him about anything. She soon decides to tell Mike, but after a scuffle with the ladies they all realise that they can never tell anybody.

Lynette and Tom (Huffman & Savant) are still trying to figure out were their marriage is headed. When we last saw them they were splitting up and that was final, but after holding off from telling the kids, Tom begins to wonder whether Lynette really wants to split. Then when Lynette has a nightmare about the body they buried coming for her, she ends up in Tom's bed and they sleep with each other. The next morning Tom thinks they are back together, but when he realises it isn't happening they tell the kids, and their marriage is officially over. Lynette is then left feeling vulnerable and scared, but she can't tell Tom why, and this is what seemed to hurt him the most.

Bree (Cross) is still seeing her detective boyfriend, Chuck (Cake), which of course is awkward due the situation she is in. She is having to hide her secret, and when he notices her friends are avoiding him, he get suspicious. She tries to convince him all is ok, but of course he is bound to twig on. Apart from the lies and secrets, Bree is happy and due to the amazing sex she is fairly satisfied with life at the moment.

Gabrielle and Carlos (Longoria & Chavira) are in the worst situation out of all four couples. Carlos killed Alejandro, (Gabby's paedophile step-father) and is having to live with the guilt of ruining his wives and his friends lives, as well as his own. He tries to confess to the local priest, but that only makes it harder for him, and it all starts to take it's toll on him and his family. Gabby is still trying to cover the tracks, including getting rid of Alejandro's car, leading to a funny scene with her, Bree and Chuck.

Renee (Williams) is still being her usual man-eater self, and is trying her hardest to get it on with the new neighbour, Ben (Mesure). It doesn't quite go to plan and she is rejected, but give it time because it's bound to happen. One thing I did notice is Ben seemed to be very shifty and could be a big part of the final mystery.

The writing is back on form, the acting is as brilliant and funny as ever, and it really feels like old, classic Desperate Housewives. The narration from Mary-Alice (Strong) is sharper than ever, and I am really looking froward to her flash back scenes this season. I am genuinely upset this is the end for Wisteria lane, but due to lowest viewing figures the show has ever had, it really seems to be the right time. But you know what they say, "go out with a bang", and I wouldn't expect anything less.