Glee - The Purple Piano Project

Starring: Diana Agron, Chris Colfer, Darren Criss, Jane Lynch, Jayma Mays, Kevin McHale, Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, Heather Morris, Matthew Morrison, Amber Riley, Naya Rivera, Mark Salling, Harry Shum Jr, Jenna Ushkowitz, Lauren Potter, Ashley Fink, Dot Jones
Rating: *****

Air Date: Thursday 22nd September, 9pm - Sky1

Finally it is back, and rather than 4 months behind we will only be 2 days behind, meaning less spoilers and far more fun much quicker.

Right let's get on it, Rachel & Finn (Michele & Monteith) are still together and still in love, but thankfully it isn't forced down our throats like every episode last season. They are both seniors so are graduating, and whilst Rachel knows her future, Finn is less sure which is clearly effecting him. For the first time since season 1 Rachel didn't annoy me (WTF), but her 'I'm having a poo' face has got to go. It was nice to be able to enjoy her this season and she actually had some nice scenes, still don't like Finn though.

Kurt and Blaine (Colfer & Criss), again, are still in love and this genuinely makes me so happy. As long as they make this couple realistic this should really work this season, and it is good to teach teens that it doesn't matter who you love and really show them that everyone is equal and the same. Blaine of course transfers over to McKinley, because he loves Kurt, and Kurt is planning on graduating, moving to New York with Rachel and going to NYADA. Both he and Rachel have some lovely scenes together, as well as some hilarious ones with new comer Harmony (Pearce), who is going to be Rachel's competition this season.

Brittany and Santana (Morris & Rivera)  still aren't together, but they are still best friends. Brittany is just as dumb as ever, and constantly throws in a hilarious one liner every now and then. She is still as charming and kind as well, and I so look forward to seeing her this season. Santana has gone back to how we all loved her; a sly, calculating bitch. She is snarky, funny, and  brings her badass Lima-Heights adjacent attitude to the fore front. Both her and Brittany are back in the Cheerios, and Santana is now co-captain with Becky (Potter). The reaction when they both find this out is equally as hilarious as it is inappropriate and I loved it, Becky basically owns her.

Quinn (Agron) has now left New Directions to 'find herself', and is a completely different person. With pink hair, a nose piercing and a ironic tattoo of Ryan Seacrest she is a totally new person, but deep down she hasn't changed that much. She still finds herself wanting to be in glee club, but with her new friends, 'the skanks', she doesn't know how to. The skank's are hilarious FYI, "I once ate cat poo". Puck (Salling) is still badass, still hard core but is now a single man. Lauren (Fink) decided to quit Glee and leave puck to get her street cred back, although she will be back by the end of the season apparently, and has left Puck with a Zizes sized hole in his life. He didn't do much this episode, but with the return of Shelby (Idina Menzel) next week, I'm sure he and Quinn's lives will be turned upside down, not to mention Rachel's as well.

Mercedes (Riley) has broken up with Sam, as he was so last season, and found herself a new boyfriend in the form of Shane (Tinker) a football quarterback. Their relationship is actually really sweet, and Shane as a character is pretty darn funny. I hope we see more of Mercedes this season as she has been ignored a bit for the last two. Artie (McHale) is one of only two juniors so will definitely be back next season. I'm sure he will be given more to do this season then he did in the first episode, but due to him staying on another year, I suspect he will take a back seat to those leaving. He still isn't back with Brittany, but that is all you learn about him for the mean time.

Tina and Mike (Ushkowitz & Shum Jr) are still as inappropriately in love as always, and as usual have their fair share of racial abuse thrown at them by Sue. Finally after two seasons Harry Shum Jr is a main cast member, and I am sure he will be given lots to do this season. Just like Artie, Tina is a junior, so I suspect it will be the back seat for her as well, but she will also be heavily involved in Mike's coming storylines too.

Emma and Will (Mays & Morrison) are now officially together and are happily living with each other. There is just one issue, one of them is sexually frustrated and the other won't put out, I'll let you figure it out. Will is now being tougher on the kids which is nice to see, as he is almost a new character, and Emma is still amazing, I Love Her!!! Sue (Lynch), well Sue is Sue. After her political career goes slightly down hill, she goes on the war path, and yet again the arts are her target, meaning glee club is in jeopardy. Sue is just brilliant, her one liners, her inappropriate comments and her general behavior is amazing and I'm so glad she is back to being pure evil.

Jacob (Sussman) is still his usual pervy self, Beiste (Jones) is back and even funnier than before (I really want to see her go all deliverance) and Figgins (Theba) is a complete wuss and yet so funny with it. The cast bring a new exciting layer to the show, and it is looking hopeful as they will be the next to carry the Glee torch. Sugar (Lengies) as the deluded, tone deaf, self-diagnosed Aspergers sufferer is hilarious, rude and is a brilliant new character to enjoy. Along with Harmony and Marcus they are all brilliant, and along with the new cast still to come, it is certainly looking promising for the future of the show.

Ryan Murphy and the rest of the writing team have done a brilliant job already with this season, and it really looks like they are taking it in the right direction. With it feeling more like season 1, the songs being appropriate (not just popular) and the show being funnier than ever, it really does look like it will be the best season yet. It premiere's tomorrow at 9pm on the new channel Sky1, and it is definitely going to be enjoyed by the fans, and if you're not a fan already, sort it out!!!