Hanna: "I Just Missed Your Heart"

Director:  Joe Wright
Writer:     David Farr
                Seth Lochhead
Starring:  Saoirse Ronan
                Eric Bana
                Cate Blanchett
                Jessica Barden
                Olivia Williams
                Jason Flemyng
Rating:     ****

An intriguing look at a 16 year old girls, journey through Europe, life and being a cold-hearted killer.

Hanna (Ronan) is a young girl who lives in an cold isolated area of Europe with her father. Somewhere where noone can find them and they are safe. When she was a child her mother was shot and killed, so her and her father have been alone, and whilst growing up, her father trained her to be a multi lingual assassin. She always knew that one day she would have to leave, and when the time comes she is sent on a intense cat and mouse chase through Europe. Ronan gives a stunning performance as Hanna. Despite the character starting as a cold, emotionless killer, she ends as a warm, almost innocent character, and it is like this is the first time she realises she is a child. The journey she goes on and the way Ronan portrays it, is wonderful and really gives the character the edge it needs.

Hanna's father Erik (Bana) is the only thing she has known for as far back as she can remember. He has loved and trained her, but unbeknownst to her he has lied to her. He isn't really her father and she was originally just a science experiment, she was to be used as a super soldier. Despite this he cared for and just wanted to protect her, but by then it was to late and she felt betrayed. Bana gives a very honest performace as Erik, and it is clear he regrets everything he did to Hanna. It is a very sweet relationship between the two to start and he clearly loves her. He is able to show these emotions very well and really gives the character a heart. His final scene, I thought, was very sweet and poignant, as he sacrifices himself for Hanna, and it is this scene which really proves that he loved her like his own child.

The CIA officer that killed Hanna's mother, and is now chasing her and her father is Marissa Wiegler (Blanchett). She is a very cold and unforgiving character, and she is also extremely manipulative, especially towards Hanna near the end of the movie. Blanchett plays Marissa very well, and gives her a very sharp and cutting edge. She gives all the appropriate emotions at the right time, and makes a pretty hateful character come to life.

Whilst on the run, Hanna runs into an English family (Barden, Williams & Flemyng) who she befriends and travels with. These characters give the film a new level, and are a nice contrast for the fast-paced, intense feel of the movie. The daughter, Sophie, is portrayed by Barden and soon becomes Hanna's first and only friend. The relationship between these two characters is very sweet, as they both learn from each other, and you feel they are each others first friends. Hanna especially really grows to admire Sophie, and these two young actresses play the emotions very well.

The Director (Wright) gives the film an old feel but with a modern twist. It felt like a 70's cult classic, but the way some sequences were filmed it felt modern, and it really kept me intrigued and on my toes. The writing was good and the characters were well developed. but sometimes it dragged and felt a tad slow, but overall it was an exciting and interesting story. The music was written and produced by The Chemical Brothers and helped the film along nicely. It also made the film feel old, but in a good way. At times it was reminiscent of the score from Kubrick's cult classic 'A Clockwork Orange'. The music again was modern at times and really fit the film perfectly. I recommend this film to those who enjoy a fast action-packed thrill ride, so go pick it up now.