Pan Am - Pilot

Starring: Christina Ricci, Margot Robbie, Michael Mosley, Karine Vanasse, Mike Vogel, Kelli Garner
Rating: ***

Air Date: November 2011, BBC2

A period drama set in 1960's, about the various employees at the world famous Pan American World Airways. While it is a breath of fresh air, it left me a bit empty.

The show is glamorous, fun and the cast is brilliant, and they are all able to bring their characters to life. First we have Maggie Ryan (Ricci), an air hostess who is on probation for not wearing her girdle who is brought back when another air hostess, Bridget, doesn't show. Bridget's boyfriend is Dean (Vogel), it is his first New York flight to London, but he is too busy worrying about Bridget to really appreciate the flight.

Kate and Laura (Garner & Robbie) are sisters, and clearly have sibling rivalry. Kate was an air hostess before Laura, and now Laura has started working with her it puts Kate's back up. What doesn't help is that Laura is the cover girl on Life Magazine, and whenever people ask her about it, she gets more uncomfortable as Kate gets more jealous.

Colette (Vanasse) is the final main hostess and her storyline is a doozy. She has been involved in various affairs, and when one of her past flames boards the plane with his family she begins to panic. Then at the end of the flight, the mans wife approaches her about the affair, and she suddenly realises what a sticky situation she may be in. Due to the time period the show is set, it is extremely controversial and is bound to spin out of control. Finally Ted Vanderway (Mosley), is the other captain on the flight, and wasn't particularly memorable, so not much for me to say here.

Overall it was a good show, brilliant acting, clever script and gorgeous costumes. It is fresh, colourful and ultra sexy, but I didn't feel completely fulfilled. I am going to stick with it because sometimes pilots aren't great, and the cast and writing are excellent. It airs later this year on BBC2, and it is certainly worth a look.
Pan Am - S01E01 - Promo