Monte Carlo: "I Finally Meet A Guy Who Likes Me For Me...And I'm Not Even Me"

Director: Thomas Bezucha
Writer:    April Blair
               Maria Maggenti
               Kelly Bowe
Starring: Selena Gomez
               Leighton Meester
               Katie Cassidy
               Cory Monteith
               Catherine Tate
               Pierre Boulanger
               Luke Bracey
               Andie MacDowell
               Brett Cullen 
Rating:    ***

Release Date: 21/10/11

A sweet and endearing tale, about adventure, romance and mistaken identities, that will entertain you and warm your hearts.

Grace (Gomez) is a High School graduate who is about to embark on her first big adventure in life. Going on the travels with her is her best friend and southern belle Emma (Cassidy) and Grace's uptight step sister Meg (Meester). Despite both sisters reluctance to go on holiday together, their parents (MacDowell & Cullen) persuade them and they all jet off to Paris. Once in Paris things don't go as smoothly as they would have liked, and after some tough moments and tense arguments, they all head back to their hotel, miserable and defeated. However, half way there it pours with rain, so they jump into the first building they can find, and it is here the run into Cordelia Winthrop-Scott (Gomez).

Cordelia is a spoilt brat and a famous heiress, and as she leaves earlier than expected the girls take advantage of the fact that she and Grace look a like, and stay in her hotel room. The next morning however, they are whisked away to Monte Carlo, and things really spin out of control. As they get further and further involved in Cordelia's life they find it harder to escape. With an upcoming charity auction on the horizon, Grace feels it would be unfair to let them down, so they decide to stay until then. Of course along the way they find love, Grace with handsome Theo (Boulanger), a French millionaire, Meg with Riley (Bracey), a fresh from college traveller who is as lost as her, and Emma's boyfriend Owen (Monteith) realises he misses her and flies to Paris to find her. Despite the mass of cliches and obvious story lines it is a nice film that leaves you feeling happy.

The best part was Aunt Alicia (Tate), the first person to twig on to the girls, but she goes along with it for the charity. Tate is funny, witty and her usual charming self and was pleasant to watch. The main issue, for me, was the obvious writing, and how many cliches they decided to use. First we had the sibling rivalry; they hate each other, and end as best friends. Then we have the love interest finding out about the deceit, then months later they meet again, and he is no longer upset. Then finally, and quite possibly my favourite,  the fact that when they are found out, they just get away with it because 'they seem nice, and owned up'. Surely they should get arrested, but hey ho, maybe I'm the morally corrupt one. Also, Selena Gomez's accent was highly distracting, she can't do British, she shouldn't do British and I never want to hear her do British again. Why is it we are always either posh, or cockney...that's not the only flavours we come in American movie makers, it's just not.

It isn't the best film, but it isn't the worst; and while it isn't going to win Oscars, it is enjoyable and kept me entertained. It had it's funny moments, and despite how contrived it was, I did like it. The performances (apart form the accent) were entertaining and fun, and actually pretty good, which surprised me. The soundtrack was lovely, and suited the setting and movie perfectly, and the location's were brought to life by the directing, so all together it looked fabulous. It is out in cinemas now, and if you want to see a sweet and fun romantic film this is certainly for you.

Monte Carlo - Trailer