Puss In Boots: "I Will See You Again, Kitty Softpaws"

Director: Chris Miller
Writer:    Tom Wheeler
                David H Steinberg
                Brian Lynch
Starring: Antonio Banderas
                Salma Hayek
                Zach Galifianakis
                Billy Bob Thornton
                Amy Sedaris
                Walt Dohrn
Rating:    ***

Release Date:  9/12/12

Puss in Boots returns, but this time he is the star  and he's not relying on Shrek or Donkey. Unfortunately, without them he's not that interesting or entertaining.

Long before Puss (Banderas) met that big green ogre we all know and love, he was a ruthless, swash-buckling hero who protected the innocent. All of his life he has been searching for the magic beans that will lead him to the giant's castle, and there he will be able to get his hands on the golden geese eggs; only issue is, Jack and Jill (Thornton & Sedaris) have them, and they certainly aren't willing to give them up. To add more issues to him getting it, he is not the only one looking for the beans, Kitty Softpaws (Hayek) is also on the hunt, and she is just as ruthless as Puss. They agree to work together, and with the help of Puss' old friend Humpty Dumpty (Galifianakis) they set off on their own adventure.

It's nice to see Banderas return for the voice of Puss, and whilst he is just as charismatic as ever, without his usual buddies, he lacks that certain something. The new characters are well developed and can stand out on their own, but they do lack that special something. Both Hayek and Galifianakis do a brilliant job, with Hayek oozing sexiness and Galifianakis being the comic relief of the film. Sedaris and Thornton are superb as Jack and Jill, and really manage to capture the villainous quality that both characters needed. I just wish that they all had the same flare as the Shrek characters, and I know I should try to stop comparing, and I know it's a new film/story; but when watching with a 3 year old, who loves Shrek, then after 10 minutes during this film they switch off completely, it's not really doing it's job.

The direction was superb, and it did still have the same feel as a Shrek film, with the constant popping up of various fairytale favourites; but as I have said about 100 times, it lacks the same comedic flair and entertaining quality as the previous series (despite the odd funny cat reference and ooohhh moment). The voice artists did a brilliant job, and the new characters were fun and charming, like all good cartoon characters are meant to be. Your kids might love it, but from my experience, the dark and detailed story completely lost the 3 year old I was with; but hey, be your own judge and find out on 9th December.

Puss in Boots - Trailer