Titanic 3D - Trailer

Before we have any panic, it isn't a bad remake/sequel (Cough) Titanic 2 (Cough), it's just a re-release of the 1997 blockbuster.
It has been re-mastered in 3D, by Cameron himself, so hopefully it will be done well, and I'm sure it is going to be absolutely spectacular.

There will be sceptics about money-grabbing Hollywood, and it being pointless, but for people like me who couldn't/didn't see it in the cinema before, or just fans of the film, I am 99.999% sure that it is going to be absolutely spectacular and just as moving as before.
It is being released worldwide on the 6th April, which is actually the 100th anniversary of the ships sinking, but until then please enjoy the trailer for the re-release.