The Muppets: "Am I A Muppet, Or Am I A Man? If I'm A Man, I'm A Muppet Of A Man"

Director: James Bobin
Writer:    Jason Segel
               Nicholas Stoller
Starring: The Muppets
               Jason Segel
               Amy Adams
               Chris Cooper
               Rashida Jones
               Jack Black
Rating:    ****

Release Date:

I have to be honest, but when I first heard that it would be Jason Segel taking the writing reigns on this reboot of everybodies favourite puppets, I was sceptical. But after countless hilarious trailers and after seeing the finished project, it really is an absolute triumph.

Now although the story to this fun frolic isn't the most original it ceratinly lives up to expectations and is defiantely going to keep people of all ages entertained, also it manages to stay one of the most genuine and sincerest entries into the series. The film centers around Walter (a puppet), who is the world’s biggest Muppet fan. One lucky day he gets the chance to go to LA and see the Muppet Studios, all thanks to his human brother Gary (Segel) and Gary’s girlfriend, Mary (Adams). When they arrive, Walter discovers that Tex Richman (Cooper) is going to tear down the Muppet Theatre for the oil below. So it is down to Walter Gary and Mary to reunite all of the Muppets and save their infamous theatre.

Luckily, The Muppets has turned out to not only be a fun family trip to the movies, but it also shows the world, and Hollywood, that The Muppets are still very much relevant today as they were back then, and that really they need to be in our lives a whole lot more. Even more amazingly, it never becomes to overbearing, and even with the many celebrity cameos (many have been cut) and various human characters, it still stays about the main lovable characters. It doesn't use gimmicks, 3D, CGI, and all the other poo that most films use now to entertain/grab money from the audiences, and all it really needs is the jokes and fun the Muppet's bring. Even Walter, the new kid, manages to keep his head above the water, and fits in perfectly with the likes of Kermit, Miss Piggy and Gonzo. Something, for me, that was absolutely crucial is that Segel didn't hog the limelight (NPH in The Surfs or Jason Lee in the Chipmunks...), and luckily he plays a supporting role, and lets the colourful characters take control of the film, because lets face it, we came to see puppets, not middle aged men trying to cash in. All the favourites appear in the film, and with no real CGI being used, it all feels authentic, and just as fun as it was always intended.

The direction and writing captures all of the old Muppet magic and the film never really falls flat. OK, some of the songs don't quite work and some of the gags are drawn out, but for the younger audience this really will be a delightful experience. It is filled with nostalgia, emotion and it's fair to say I smiled throughout the whole film. You feel for the characters, and even more magically you genuinely care about each of the Muppets, and that is what makes this film, and all of the Muppet films so successful. I urge all of you to go see it next year, with or without kids, because there is comedy for all ages, and with it's movie spoofing and self referential humour, it really is set to be one of the most enjoyable films of next year.

The Muppets - Trailer

(and some of the hilarious parody trailers)