Jack And Jill: "Aw, Will You Stop Already? You Know All He Wants To Do Is Play Twister With Your Sister"

Director: Dennis Duggan
Writer:    Ben Zook
               Steve Koren
               Robert Smigel
Starring: Adam Sandler
               Katie Holmes
               Valerie Mahaffey
               Eugenio Derbez
               Al Pacino
               Dana Carvey
               Nick Swardson
               Tim Meadows
               Johnny Depp
               Regis Philbin
               Shaquille O'Neil
               David Spade
               Rob Schneider
Rating:    *

Release Date: 03/02/12

Regular Adam Sandler coordinator and two-time Razzie Award nominee Dennis Dugan is back with this completely unfunny movie about sibling rivalry.

Jack Sadelstein (Sandler) is an advertising executive married to Erin (Holmes), with two weird children. He is stressed out because his loud-mouthed and generally annoying twin sister Jill (Sandler) is visiting for the holidays. Unfortunately for him his sister manages to makes things worse just when he has secured Al Pacino for his new advert. Jack can’t get rid of Jill, and his worlds completely turns over when Pacino, on the verge of a breakdown, falls head over heals in love with Jill.

Knowing Dugan's past work, I was expecting this film to be complete crap, and boy was I right. He manages to avoid all the obvious comedy moments, and he then stretches out the ones that weren't funny to begin with, to the point of me sobbing in pain.. The film itself is just there for Adam Sandler to try and force more of his bad comedy down our throats, gone are the days of Big Daddy and Little Nicky and The Wedding Singer. The character of Jill isn't even funny or likable, she is meant to be this unattractive and obnoxious person, but inside a lovable and innocent one, but Jill is purely a weak character for Sandler to poo all over. 

The film is trying to cash in on the once successful movies where Eddie Murphy played every character. But since Norbit, and Nutty Professor and all 50 of those awful Martin Lawrence films, people don't wanna know; if only the production companies would see that. It could have worked if Sandler hadn't chosen to play both roles, because all you see is his once funny face, doing that "I'm a woman" voice he always does, plus the man-child stuff is no longer funny at 45. 

The one thing that vaguely makes the film watchable, and I really mean vaguely, is the bizarre appearance of Pacino...HOW?! He really lets go and gives the role his all, and manages to get more laughs then the "veteran". He parodies his whole career, and manages to play an exaggerated version of himself rather well. The film almost became worth it when Pacino started to rap about coffee, and I did laugh a fair bit when he lost his shit at an audience member who was on their mobile phone.
Sadly, The rest of the cast fail to pull of their characters or the dull and stale writing. Filled with friends of Sandler, the film falls into a mess of moments, rather than being a complete and entertaining film. Let's face it, you know something is terribly wrong when David Spade in drag is the resolution to your film. Now, how in the world they got Johnny Depp involved will now be life's one and only mystery. Of course there are moments of levity, and even the odd chuckle, but all in all the film fails at every possible moment and corner. The director has a lot to answer for, after I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry and You Don't Mess with the Zohan amongst his many crimes to cinema. After a reasonable effort with Just Go With It , the last Sandler film that I actually enjoyed, both director and star have taken a huge step back, just because they tried to cash in on the Eddie Murphy/Martin Lawrence craze. The film is released in the UK early February 2012, and it is not worth it...avoid at all costs.

Jack and Jill - Trailer