Christmas Countdown - Love Actually

Director: Richard Curtis
Writer:    Richard Curtis
Starring: Hugh Grant
               Martine McCutcheon
               Keira Knightley
               Emma Thompson
               Alan Rickman
               Liam Neeson
               Bill Nighy
               Rowan Atkinson
               Colin Firth
               Laura Linney
               Martin Freeman
               Joanna Page
               Billy Bob Thornton

I must admit that when I first saw Love Actually I didnt quite get it, but after watching it older, I really started to appreciate it and is now one of my absolute favourite festive films.

Richard Curtis's multi-character romance followed the lives of several people in the lead-up to Christmas. Stuffing it full of stars, the director has the likes of Hugh Grant, Keira Knightley, Colin Firth, Martin Freeman, Andrew Lincoln, Billy Bob Thornton and Martine McCutcheon.

Love actually really is British cinema at it's best, and that is why has found itself on my Christmas Countdown.

Love Actually - Trailer
(Just a quick Merry Christmas to all my viewers that have been reading my random mumblings over the months. Over the Christmas weekend I will be offline, but I'll be back next week. Again Merry Christmas and thank you - James)