Christmas Countdown - The Nightmare Before Christmas

Director: Henry Selick
Writer:    Caroline Thompson
               Tim Burton
Starring: Chris Sarandon
               Danny Elfman
               Catherine O'Hara
               William Hickey
               Glenn Shadix
               Ken Page

This magically dark film (produced by Tim Burton) mixes Halloween and Christmas rather brilliantly, and the resulting film is a smart and  funny stop motion film filled with classic songs and brilliant characters.

When Jack Skellington becomes wistful and bored, he goes on a thoughtful walk and stumbles upon the magical ChristmasTown, and it's here that he discovers the wonder of Santa Claus and the joy of Christmas. When he returns to his home of HalloweenTown he decides that this year they will take over Christmas, and so there own disturbed version of Christmas kicks off, terrifying children around the world. Of course things get out of hand, and by the end Jack realises the true meaning of Christmas and returns things to there rightful places.

It is wickedly dark and extremely entertaining and thanks to Danny Elfman's music, Burton's dark ideas and Selick's brilliant directing it will now and forever be one of my absolute favourite Christmas movies.

The Nightmare Before Christmas - Trailer