Hugo: "If You Ever Wonder Where Your Dreams Come From, Look Around: This Is Where They're Made"

Director: Martin Scorsese
Writer:    John Logan
Starring: Asa Butterfield
              Ben Kingsley
              Sacha Baron Cohen
              Chloe Grace Moretz
              Ray Winstone
              Emily Mortimer
              Jude Law
              Christopher Lee
              Richard Griffiths
              Frances de la Tour
Rating:   ****

Release Date: Out Now

Martin Scorsese drops his usual cinema and dark tales and brings us Hugo. Based on 'The Invention of Hugo Cabret' a beautiful novel by Brian Selznick, comes a delightful tale of magic, tradition, respect for the past and affection between generations, all tied together in the history of cinema and the mechanics invented to capture images on film and project them on screens.

Hugo is set in Paris in 1931 and to kick the movie off we are treated to a stunning shot of the gorgeous city, taking full advantage of the spectacular 3D technology (used correctly, for once.). Hugo (Butterfield) has loved tinkering with machinery all of his life, something he picked up from his late father. He lives in the hidden tunnels and passageways of the Station, where he's repairing a 19th-century automaton.  He was brought here by fate, and it soon pulls him into the life of a bitter old man, Georges (Kingsley), who owns an old-fashioned shop on the station selling toys and doing small mechanical repairs, helped by his 12-year-old god-daughter, Isabelle (Moretz). Hugo becomes involved with Georges when he's accused of theft and has a small book of drawings confiscated from him. It's now that he is assisted by Isabelle in retrieving the book, and in return, when he discovers she's forbidden to go to the movies, he takes her on a great adventure, a visit to the lost world of silent movies.

The chemistry between the two young stars is good, but Butterfield failed to make that connection with me, the audience, which really hindered my enjoyment of him and his character. Despite that, he is surrounded by a brilliant cast including Jude law, Emily Mortimer, Ray Winstone and the hilarious Sacha Baron Cohen, who really knows how to play up the laughs as the station inspector. The last time I saw Moretz was in Kick-Ass which is a huge contrast to this, so to see her in this sweeter role was really nice. I know she has a lot in the pipeline, so I'm really looking forward to see her career blossom in front of out eyes.

Scorsese is on top form with this film, and his magical eye is able to bring everything to life and really make the film incredible to watch. The 3D is brilliant, and the best since Avatar, so it really sets the tone and level for the film, which is extremely high. He turns the already gorgeous Paris and puts a layer of magic on it, so the scenery and film is thrilling to watch. His work with the actors is brilliant and he is able to get terrific performances from all (but Butterfield), and they all play up to their characters superbly. The film is out in cinemas now, and I highly suggest you see it, if you want to see a magical, sweet and festive film just in time for Christmas.
Hugo - Trailer