The Sitter: "I'm More Of A 'Sit On The Couch, Do What I Say Or I'll Kill You' Type Of Babysitter"

Director: David Gordon Green
Writer:    Brian Gatewood
               Alessandro Tanaka
Starring: Jonah Hill
               Max Records
               Landry Bender
               Kevin Hernandez
               Ari Graynor
               Sam Rockwell
               J.B. Smooth
               Kylie Bunbury
               Jessica Hecht
Rating:    ***

Release Date: 20/01/12

Jonah Hill's latest outing may not be the most original comedy out there, but with some tender side stories and mildly amusing gags, it actually kept me entertained.

Noah (Hill) is a college drop out who is in and out of prison, obsessed with sex with his girlfriend (Graynor) and is a complete disappointment to his family. When his mother (Hecht) is almost forced to cancel a date, she asks for one favour from her son, to babysit for the people she is going out with. With much reluctance he agrees to do it, and ends up babysitting for pyromaniac exchange student Rodrigo (Hernandez), awkward and neurotic Slater (Records), and mini wannabe-diva Blithe (Bender). Everything is going fairly well, but when his girlfriend invites him to a drug fuelled party he soon finds himself in a whole heap of trouble, including angry drug dealers (Rockwell), old schoolmates looking for revenge and Rodrigo blowing everything up, and of course the kids are along for the ride.

While the jokes aren't that original they are enough to make you chuckle, but for me it is the side stories that made the film more enjoyable. Slater's was especially good and was extremely fitting to current events. Slater is a young boy who is struggling to come to terms with his sexuality, and thanks to Noah he soon is able to accept himself. The way the scenes are written are sweet and honest, but at the same time funny, and they really improved the films appeal. The cast do a good job, but nothing special is provided acting-wise, but for this film it doesn't really matter as it is mainly physical comedy.

I am not going to call it the funniest film of the year, but it certainly isn't the worst. Jonah Hill is as funny as ever and the kids are brilliant with the comedy, especially little Landry Bender. the writing and directing are nothing special but thanks to the children's scenes, the film is overall pretty bearable. It is out early next year, and if you like a good chuckle, then this is definitely for you.

The Sitter - Trailer