The Decoy Bride - Trailer

The trailer for David Tennant's new film, The Decoy Bride, is here.

The movie is set on a small Scottish island where Hollywood actress Lara Tyler (Alice Eve) is about to get married to James Arber (Tennant).  With the international press sensing a big scoop, the pair hire a stand-in bride (Kelly Macdonald) hoping to stop the paparazzi from ruining the ceremony.

It's directed by Sheree Folkson, and with Sally Phillips and Neil Jaworski as the writers you know it's going to be funny. Phillips, Dylan MoranMichael Urie and James Fleet are among the supporting cast, and I'm sure they will be more than capable of bringing the laughs.

The Decoy Bride will be released in cinemas on 9th March 2012 and then on DVD 12th of March (I don't even know).