Finding Nemo 3D - Trailer

The trailer for Finding Nemo 3D has been unveiled

After the massive success of the re-releases of Toy Story, Beauty and the Beast, and The Lion King, they have decided there next big re-release will be the modern classic Findin Nemo 3D. Im also looking forward to next years The Little Mermaid and Monsters Inc re-releases, but for now Nemo will keep me happy.

Following the story of a sweet clownfish, Marlin, who is in a desperate search of his son, Nemo. Along the way he picks up help from Dory, a fish with short term memory loss whilst Nemo is being looked after by a gang of eccentric fish tank creatures. Each character has there own special personality, and I really think the 3D will bring that, and the beautiful scenery to life all over again.

Featuring the vocal talents of Albert Brooks, Ellen Degeneres, Alexander Gould, Willem Defoe, Brad Garrett, Alison Janney, Geoffrey Rush, Barry Humphries and Elizabeth Perkins.

Finding Nemo 3D will released in September in the US and December in the UK.