Goodbye Pat Harris Beale Wicks Butcher Evans

As many will know (many won't), last night saw the death of one of British TV's most loved tarts with a heart. Pat was one of the most loved characters on the British soap, Eastenders, and after 25 years on our screen Pat, played by Pam St Clements, hung up her earrings and bowed out of the popular BBC drama.

Now although some dislike the programme, you cannot deny that Eastenders features some of Britains best actors. The performances given by June Brown (Dot), Adam Woodyatt (Ian), Charlie Brooks (Janine), Laila Morse (Mo), Lindsay Coulson (Carol), Jo Joyner (Tanya) and Patsy Palmer (Bianca) were so moving that it actually moved me to tears. St Clements herself did an excellent job with the script, and seeing her reunited with her son David (Michael French) after so many years really touched me. I will say that I was upset by the lack of her other son Simon and best friend Peggy (Nick Berry & Barbara Windsor), but apart from that it was absolutely perfect.

The whole episode was an absolute triumph, but I am extremely sad to see her go and I know that millions of people including myself will miss her dearly. It truly was the end of an earring.

Take care of yourself Pat.

Pam St Clement and Michael french - Final Scene

Pam St Clements and June Brown - Final Scene

Pam St Clements and Charlie Brooks - Final Scene


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