Young Adult: "Here's The Deal: Buddy Slade And I Are Meant To Be Together. And I'm Here To Get Him Back"

Director: Jason Reitman
Writer:    Diablo Cody 
Starring: Charlize Theron
               Patton Oswalt
               Patrick Wilson
               Elizabeth Reaser   
               Colette Wolfe
Rating:    ****

Release Date: 10/02/12

Juno director Jason Reitman and writer Diablo Cody are back with this sharp drama-comedy about a boozy author obsessed with her high school sweetheart. Reitman and Cody again wrap sass and heart around a baby-inspired plot, but it doesn't quite shine like Juno did.

Mavis Gary (Theron) a 37-year-old ghostwriter of teen stories, is the perfect example of a self absorbed prom queen stuck in her past, who is addicted to alcohol, casual sex, Diet Coke, reality shows and social media. While her life seems to be rolling on at a dull pace she soon gets a jump start when her old high school boyfriend, Buddy (Wilson), sends her a photo of his new born baby. She takes this a sign that he still loves her and decides to cease her opportunity. Her plan, to go back to her hometown and rekindle her love, only problem is, he now has a wife (Reaser). Of course this won't stop her, as she sets off on her self destructive path.

When Mavis' plan proves slightly more difficult than expected, she starts hanging and drinking with former classmate Matt (Oswalt), a chubby geek left crippled after a near-fatal beating in high school. Mavis and Matt's unlikely bond proves more engaging than the central plot, with their strange relationship truly blossoming as they both cling onto the past together. They have stunning chemistry and it is them that you root for, not Mavis and Buddy.

While Mavis starts off as pretty insane, by the end of the film you realise there is actually a rather dark reason she is the way she is. She may come off as a bitch, and cold-hearted, but really she has been dealing with the loss of the baby she and Buddy conceived when they were in their 20's. Theron manages to take a rather horrible character, and inject some heart into her, in the strangest way, and for some bizarre reason you grow to love her flippant and disturbing behaviour.

Reitman and Cody magically manage to make a dark story really quite funny, by mocking the banal, suburban and ridiculous. Theron also delivers the funny, as well as conveying the pain and fear beneath Mavis' cold beautiful mask of detachment. It's a fierce, fearless performance that deserves attention, and a sharp script that only Cody can produce make it a truly wonderful film.

Young Adult - Trailer


  1. Hey this looks like one right up my street, loved Thank You for not Smoking and Up in the Air. Thanks so much for another great recommendation :)

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