Wanderlust: "All These People Live Here. This Is A Commune"

Director: David Wain
Wirter:    David Wain
               Kevin Marino
Starring: Paul Rudd
               Jennifer Aniston
               Justin Theroux
               Malin Akerman
               Alan Alda
               Joe Lo Truglio
               Lauren Ambrose
               Jordan Peele
               Kathyrn Hahn
               Kerri Kenney
Rating:    ***

Release Date: Out Now                   

Here we have two of the funniest and most attractive stars ever put into a film together...Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd. They play Linda and George repectively, and they live a pretty cushty life in manhattan, and let's just say money isn't too much of an issue. Paul works in the corporate world which he doesn’t really care for, so that Linda can continue her constant search for a career and life purpose. When a pretty awful day leaves George without a job and Linda with her creative dreams in tatters, the couple realizes their Manhattan lifestyle is over, as they can no longer afford their apartment in the expensive zip code.

With everything they have ever had suddenly gone, George and Linda pack up their things and hit the road for Atlanta, to set up home with George’s obnoxious brother Rick (Marino - Co-writer). On their travels they stop over at the scenic Elysium Bed and Breakfast, which turns into a pretty mind-altering experience, as George and Linda discover that the B&B houses a commune of free-spirited and eccentric characters, led by a handsome and charismatic hippie named Seth (Theroux).

As nice as their stay is, they're not quite ready to settle down with such a lifetsyle, that is untill they spend one disastrous night at George's brother's house. It is such a disaster that they soon find themselves back at the Elysium B&B, ready to reject their stressful rat-race existence and embrace the ideals of hippie living. But when the couple starts to grow in separate directions, they discover that the perfect view of commune life doesn’t quite match up to the reality.

Most of the film is jam packed with the outrageous supporting characters, which include a novel-writing, wine-making nudist (Truglio), an interracial love-couple expecting a baby (Ambrose & Peele), a hot yoga instructor (Akerman), an elderly burnout (Alda), an angry hippie-fundamentalist (Hahn) and an oddball den mother (Kenney). The individual talents of the cast (combined with Rudd and Aniston’s own considerable comedic akills) manage to keep the sketch-like scenes mildly amusing at the very least, despite the fact the scenes are all over the place in terms of comedy style and tone, and some are definitely stronger than others.

Justin Theroux has been around a fair bit, as he has had a long career as a writer, character actor, and director, and somehow always managed to remain fairly unnoticed. As Seth, Theroux is just as unrecognizable as ever, but definitely steals just about every scene he’s in. The actor perfectly balances his hippie-leader between delusion and sleaziness, but is always humorous, no matter the tone of the scene. I have no doubt, that audiences will walk away remembering the character, even if they won’t be able to recognize the face behind the ponytail and bushy beard. Plus the chemistry between him and now girlfriend, Aniston, is electric, so it's kind of amazing to watch on screen.

The easiest way for me to describe Wanderlust to you is that it's “harmless” and “amusing.” It's not the most laugh out loud comedy you'll ever see, but the chuckles are plenty, and the central romantic narrative is both engaging and enjoyable. Plus, every actor on screen has the perfect chemistry with the other actors so it really is an easy and enjoyable watch 

Wanderlust - Red Band Trailer