Wrath Of The Titans: "You Will Learn Someday That Being Half Human, Makes You Stronger Than A God"

Director:  Jonathan Liebesman 
Writer:     Dan Mazeau
                David Leslie Johnson
                Greg Berlanti
Starriing: Sam Worthington
                Rosamund Pike
                Bill Nighy
                Edgar Ramirez
                Toby Kebbell
                Danny Huston
                Ralph Fiennes
                Liam Neeson
Rating:     ***

Release Date: Out Now 

Let's be honest for a moment, anything would have been a huge improvement on the 2010 remake, Clash of the Titans, but in this case we are treated to a film that is actually a huge improvement. Admittedly this sequel was needed/wanted about as much as Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, but luckily the film itself is an entertaining romp filled with marvellous visual effects and enough spectacle to get your attention, even the 3D is a huge improvement. 

(L-R) Sam Worthington & Rosamund Pike
So it's almost 10 years since the Kraken was sent to it's watery grave and Wrath of the Titans picks up with  demi-God Perseus (Worthington), now sporting a mullet, plotting to save his father Zeus (Neeson) and prevent all hell from breaking loose. It turns out that they are facing some serious danger after Zeus's brother Hades (Fiennes) and other son Ares (Ramirez) rebel and turn on their relatives.

Helped out by the beautiful and feisty Queen Andromeda (Pike) and dopey demi-God Agenor (Kebbell), Perseus must venture down to the Underworld, save daddy and prevent the fire wielding CGI Titan Kronos from breaking free. The group venture across breathtaking landscapes and encounter many dangers such as a Cyclops and a Minotaur. To be fair to the movie, the mange to keep the pace of the film up ensuring that the travellers never stick in a location for too long and each dramatic set piece raises the stakes and the adrenaline levels.

Unlike the directors previous attempts at gritty film making, Liebesman has seemingly experienced a learning curve; as Wrath progresses and allows more time and effort to go into his depiction of the furious clashes between man and beast. A chase sequence set in woodland involving a Cyclops is one that I found particularly effective and exciting. The imagery is often more moving and potent when treated with calmer camerawork, such as when Perseus glides around on his flying horse, Pegasus.

The story is helped along by it's emotional core, but Worthington's Perseus is just as dull and uninteresting as ever. Sure he has been given more one-liners this time around, but when he comes out with things like, "you gotta be kidding me!" when being attacked by a certain monster, it comes across as generic and completely opposite to the way his character is portrayed throughout the movie. I will say though, that Worthington's pure determination throughout the movie, despite enduring a huge amount of physical beatings and set backs, sways you towards Perseus. Constantly thrown around like a bit of rubbish, you can't help but root for the underdog and his dodgy mullet before long.

(L-R) Ralph Fiennes & Liam Neeson
 It's nice that in this film the female lead hasn't just been reduced to mere eye candy or a sex object for the male protagonist to lust after and fight for. As Andromeda, Rosamund Pike delivers a commanding performance that destroys the normal conventions and makes you believe that she is a warrior who possesses great dignity and commands your respect. That is until the end, where they forget everything her character had become, just for a more cliched ending...

The biggest success of this film, and what made it most enjoyable was the special effects. They look terrific, and with each new creature or landscape, you become immersed in this dangerous environment that allows for enough escapist fun to warrant a trip to the cinema. As a blockbuster it lacks much in the way of story, but has enough spectacle to keep audiences entertained.

Wrath of the Titans - Trailer