Moonrise Kingdom: "I Love You But You Have No Idea What You Are Talking About"

Director: Wes Anderson
Writer:    Wes Anderson
               Roman Coppola
Starring: Jared Gilman
               Kara Hayward
               Bruce Willis
               Edward Norton
               Bill Murray
               Frances McDormand
               Tilda Swinton 
               Jason Schwartzman
               Harvey Keitel
               Bob Balaban
Review:   *****

Home Release: 01/10/12

There is something so endearing and quirky about Wes Anderson and his filmmaking technique. His innovative camera angles and original sense of style always draw me in to his movies; and you will never be let down, because you know what he will bring to the cinema screen. What is even more incredible, is that he has his own specific style but not one of his films feels like the last; despite them all having his individual stamp. In his latest picture, Moonrise Kingdom, he brings so much more to the plate, that as a fan of his work, I geeked out a little bit.

Kara Hayward & Jared Gilman
Set in the 60's, Moonrise Kingdom is a sweet story about young love, adventure, self discovery and individuality. Suzy and Sam (Hayward & Gilman) are our young couple, who are stuck on a dreary island with no real hope, friends or ambition for their future. One day, they are brought together as Suzy performs in a local show, and Sam's camp go to watch; of course he instantly feels connected to her and they soon start their pen pal relationship. As their lives change and all hope is being diminished (Suzy's violent outburst and Sam's lonliness), they plan to meet and run away together, starting a new life with each other on the run.

Tilda Swinton
As things are going vaguely smoothly for our pre-pubescent couple, a spanner gets well and truly thrown into the works. News soon spreads around the island of the missing children, and the camp councillor (Norton); local policeman (Willis); Social Services (Swinton); and Suzy's parents (Murray & McDormand) start the search. Eventually the rogue couple are caught by the search party, but before long they run off together again; and it's only when they realise that people do care for them and worry about them, that they end their adventure and give in to their safe, simple lives for good.

The two young stars are an absolute dream, I'm talking a coupe of golden nuggets of talent. Both young stars bring a certain something to the proceedings, a something that is really hard to put my finger on, but it is extremely engaging. Hayward plays Suzy with a cold persona and keeps herself completely dead-pan almost entirely through the movie. Gilman also portrays Sam in a stern manner, but there is also an innocence and naivety about him that Gilman plays brilliantly. Now separately they portray their characters superbly, but for this film their chemistry and connection is key, and my word do they work well together. Both actors bounce off of one another with ease, and even though both characters come across as unfeeling; in reality you feel their affection for one another, and its that what comes carries the movie.
(L-R) Bill Murray, Frances McDormand, Edward Norton &
Bruce Willis
As well as the perfectly cast couple, there is also a tremendous cast of adults. Each character has a quirk, or unusual back story; and when each character is so dynamic you cant not get drawn in to the movie. The actors portraying the adults are the best of the best, with Murray, McDormand, Willis, Swinton and Schwartzman, all bringing their unbelievable talent to the film and lighting up the screen.

The overall feel of the film is almost cartoon like, and despite the rather depressing nature of the main plot and Sam's tragic story, the fairytale-esque cinematography almost makes you forget about that. It is like we are looking at the world through the children's eyes, which is what I guess Anderson wanted, it is colourful and bright at the same time as being dingy and realistic; it's hard to explain, but it's true. It is a real delight for the eyes, and the terrific performances and story are more than enough reason for you to fall in love with it, just like I have.

Moonrise Kingdom - Trailer