The Campaign: "I Feel Like Britney Spears At The VMAs"

Director: Jay Roach
Writer:    Adam McKay
               Chris Henchy
               Shawn Harwell 
Starring: Will Ferrell
               Zach Galifianakis
               Jason Sudeikis
               Dylan McDermott
               Sarah Baker
               Katherine LaNasa
               John Lithgow
               Dan Ackroyd
               Brian Cox
Rating:    ****

Release Date: Out Now

Around the world, there are always debates happening, the world of politics is always changing, and new politicians are slowly making their way to the top. With a topic that'll always be current, The Campaign should, in theory, be relevant for years to come; relevant, but for me, not necessarily that funny. With stars like Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis, it should have been a non-stop laughfest, but somehow it didn't live up to my expectations. That's not to say it wasn't funny at all, it just wasn't as funny as the trailer made out; which is a genuine shame.

(L-R) Zach Galifianakis, Jason Sudeikis,
Dylan McDermott & Will Ferrell
Marty Huggins (Galifianakis) is a lovable, well-mannered, Christian family man; he cares for his two sons and is very much in love with his frumpy wife (Baker). After his family there is one other thing he cares about, the safety of his town and protecting his home in which he raises his family. all he wants to do is help maintain the safety of these things, and the best way to do that is to become his local congressman. Of course this plan would've gone a lot smoother if it wasn't for the current congressman, Cam Brady (Ferrell), an arrogant, over-confident and rather ignorant man, who won't let anyone stand in his way.

At first Marty's attempt at entering the world of politics is laughed at, which he soon starts to doubt himself. As the thought of giving up starts to enter his mind, a mysterious campaign manger (McDermott) steps in to help him out. He transforms Marty and his family, so they appear to be your slightly more typical American family, and Marty will come across as a serious contender. The plan seems to work and as the two party's battle gets more intense, they find bigger, better and funnier ways to out do each other; including religious debates gone wrong, and outrageous campaign ads. However, as the votes are counted and the results are ready to be announced, both men begin to wonder if it has all been worth the sacrifices they have been forced to make.
Sarah Baker

Both men have their chances to shine in the movie, with the director giving both actors their fair share of the jokes and gags. Saying that, Ferrell is given the more over-the-top and boundary pushing moments, including punching both a baby, and Uggie the Dog (The Artist) in the face. It's these snippets that deliver the biggest laughs, but overall the real comedy comes from the two stars terrific chemistry and their ability to bounce off of one another.

Of course no film would be complete without a supporting cast, and they really lucked out with the one they were blessed with. The two campaign managers (Sudeikis & McDermott) are very different people with very different ideals; corrupt businessmen (Lithgow & Ackroyd) who use Marty to get in to the the top of the political ladder; and of course the ever suffering wives, Cam's selfish and materialistic Rose (LaNasa), and Marty's wife Mitzi (Baker). Baker plays Mitzi with a superb innocence and confusion throughout the film, and for that reason she had me chuckling whenever she was on screen; I'm not sure quite what it was, but she had it.

John Lithgow & Dan Ackroyd
  I think after looking back over the film and my general feeling towards it, it was actually funnier than I remember, which is a positive. Then again, if I forgot about it that quickly, it doesn't necessarily bode well for the overall effect the film should've had. The stars are fantastic, and when it is funny, it is laugh-out-loud funny; even the support cast get their own special moments to shine and pop on the big screen. I just think that with so much hype building up around this film, it could've delivered more than it did; it's a funny and entertaining move, but it certainly won't provide a laugh-a-minute.

The Campaign - Trailer