Think Like A Man: "There Is No Such Thing As A Perfect Man"

Director: Tim Story
Writer:    Keith Merryman
               David A. Newman
Starring: Kevin Hart
               Taraji P. Henson
               Michael Ealy
               Meagan Good
               Romany Malco 
               Regina Hall
               Terrence J
               Gabrielle Union
               Jerry Ferrara
               Gary Owen
               Wendy Williams
               Arielle Kebbel
               Kelly Rowland
               Sherri Shepherd
Rating:    ****

Home Release: 15/10/2012

Regina Hall
We have already had to sit through one advice/self help book-turned movie this year (What to Expect When You're Expecting *Shudders*); so when I heard that the popular relationship advice book 'Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man' was also being adapted, I felt nothing but dread. Somehow, with some kind of bizaare strike of luck, the film turned out to be extremely entertaining, heartfelt and super funny. Whether it down to the writing or the wonderfully hand-picked cast I do not know, but thankfully whatever it was, it worked.

Gabrielle Union
The writing is fairly basic, which some may criticise, but I personally found it to be a breath of fresh air. Some writers try to over-complicate their movies, but in an ensemble film like this, with so many stories and characters, the simpler the sub-plots the smoother the ride. Some of the plts we are offered include: a single mother (Hall) who decides to be open and honest with her mummy's boy lover (Terrence J); the bored and irritated long-term girlfriend (Union) who wants her slobbish and uninspired man (Ferrera) to grow up; and the girl who's sick of being played (Good), so sets up a 90 date rule for her new fling (Malco). Not exactly ground-breaking stories, but the cast do it absolute wonders.

Meagan Good
Most of the stories end with the 'men' in the relationship realising the error of their ways and resolving it; all except one. When a powerful CEO (Henson) falls for a down on his luck, wannabe restaurant owner (Ealy), she must learn that a relationship shouldn't be based on materialistic possessions. She must put aside her attraction to rich, successful (arrogant, dull) businessmen, and realise that a poor dreamer has a lot more to offer and is going to make her far happier in the long run. Amongst all of the drama and male Vs female 'war' is the wonderful comic relief, in the form of Cedric (Hart). newly divorced, he just wants to part and see some strippers; but even he must come crashing back to reality, and soon sees that married life was much better than he ever remembered.

Taraji P. Henson
The film is a whole lot funnier than I ever expected, mainly thanks to Hart, and after some recent ensemble comedies...this was a welcome surprise. The directing from Tim Story also helps to keep the film uplifting and light. He makes sure that the film is fast-paced, and manages to keep things focussed without forgetting about the other characters (again, Hart is a good example, as his plot comes into play right at the end, yet the director makes sure he gets his chances to shine). Everything is made to look super sleak almost like a sitcom, which I thought helped to keep my interest because it felt familar, (silly I know).

Everything about this film should have flopped, and there were so many things fighting against it and a whole load of people expecting it to be a major fail (me included). Of course, although not everyone will agree, it was a huge and pleasant shock. You probably have seen these stories a million times before, but somehow that doesn't matter; it's a sweet, optimistic and at times superbly funny film, with a brilliant all-star cast and glossy directing. If you're looking for a good weekend 'popcorn' movie this is perfect for the women who want to see some on-screen girl power, as well as the men who like a bit of male banter and gorgeous leading ladies.

 Think Like A Man - Trailer

Jerry Ferrara, Michael Ealy, Kevin Hart, Terrence J, Gary Owen & Romany Malco