End Of Watch: "We're Cops, Everyone Wants To Kill Us"

Director: David Ayer
Writer:     David Ayer
Starring: Jake Gyllenhaal
                Michael Pena
                Natalie Martinez
                Anna Kendrick
                David Harbour
                America Ferrera
                Cody Horn
                 Frank Grillo
Rating:    ****

Release Date: Out Now

End of Watch is a brilliant found-footage film that gives an insight into the dangers the LAPD must face on a day to day basis. With each scene and plot twist, the character-driven drama sends you on a ride and never lets your mind rest.

Anna Kendrick
We follow Brian Taylor and Mike Zavala (Gyllenhaal & Pena) who are partners on the job, and best friends in their lives. They both have a family, loving wives (Kendrick & Martinez), and love to enjoy themselves, whilst when on duty they must risk their lives, face their fears and leave their family terrified for their lives. As one particular case really kicks off the guys find themselves in one of the most dangerous situations they've ever experienced, and neither them or their family are sure if they'll survive it.

It is a real emotionally driven piece, that is full of action; as well as genuinely touching scenes, and brilliant acting from all the cast. Each actor gives their character a wide range of levels and emotions, and it is this that has made End of Watch such a brilliant and outstanding police drama; it stands out from the crowd and will definitely satisfy fans and non-fans of the genre.

  End of Watch - Trailer