Pitch Perfect: "I Ate My Twin In The Womb"

Director: Jason Moore
Writer:    Kay Cannon
Starring: Anna Kendrick
                Skylar Astin
                Brittany Snow
                Anna Camp
                Rebel Wilson
                Hana Mae Lee
                Ester Dean
                Alexis Knapp
                Elizabeth Banks
                John Michael Higgins
Rating:    *****

Release Date: Out Now

There has been a surge in recent years of original musical comedies on the television, what with the likes of Glee and Smash taking over the small screen. With them becoming so successful, it was time for the big screen to get the acapella treatment, and Pitch Perfect really is pitch perfect.

It's another semester at University for many students all over the US, and while most have gone to get an education and create memories, one girl is extremely reluctant to start. Beca (Kendrick) is a music lover, who wants to be in LA, producing music and living her dreams, not at college where her dad is making her attend. As her reluctance worsens, her dad strikes up a deal; if she joins one group, makes friends and starts creating memories, and then at the end of the year still hates it, he will pay for her to move to LA and live her dreams.
John Michael Higgins & Elizabeth Banks
Her group of choice, the campus' girls acapella group, a group that haven't won a competition in years, and still churn out the same dated routines. Beca sees her opportunity, and takes this as her chance to start her dreams, but is it to late to save the doomed singing group.

I cannot fault this film in anyway, it has everything I could ever want from a film; terrific musical numbers, laugh-out-loud moments, romantic touches, and plenty of references to one of the greatest 80's movies ever, The Breakfast Club. The cast have superb chemistry, and their energy is on full power throughout; but the greatest part of the film comes in the form of Fat Amy (Wilson). Rebel Wilson has a way of turning everything she touches into comedy gold, she is willing to laugh at herself and laughs along with the audience, and that is what makes this film so incredible. I cannot wait for more of her in my life; but for now, I shall watch this film over and over again, this and Bridesmaids.

 Pitch Perfect - Trailer