Scary Movie 5 - Trailer

Scary Movie 5 has released its first trailer.

The latest instalment in the horror spoof franchise follows Jody (Ashley Tisdale) and Dan (Simon Rex), a young couple who are being tormented by a demonic spirit; a subtle spoof of Paranormal Activity. They turn to their dreams, and hire specialists to find out if it's all in their sub-conscious; cheeky Inception tribute. Along side that Jody is also a ballet dancer, and things start to go tits up for her basically; a homage to Black Swan.

Here's hoping number 5 is a huge improvement on 3 & 4...please god make it so.

Alongside Tisdale and Rex we have Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen, Molly Shannon, Heather Locklear, Jerry O'Connell, Erica Ash, Terry Crews and Kate Walsh. It's not surprise that Anna Faris and Regina Hall are no longer the stars, but here's hoping for some sort of cameo.

Scary Movie 5 is set for release on 12 April, 2013.