The Impossible: "I Will Find Them, I'll Promise You That"

Director: J.A. Bayona
Writer:    Sergio G Sanchez
Starring: Naomi Watts
               Ewan McGregor
               Tom Holland
               Samuel Joslin
               Oaklee Pendergast
Rating:    *****

Release Date: 01/01/2013

The Impossible, what can I possibly say that could sum up how brilliant this film is; it is poignant, emotional, heartwarming, as well as heartbreaking. There is just so much on offer here, but one guarantee is this; there will be tears.

Maria and Henry (Watts & McGregor) are a young, healthy and happy couple with three beautiful children. They are comfortable in life, and one year think lets go holiday this Christmas, and that they do; to the sunny haven that is Thailand. It is a perfect holiday for all the family to enjoy; until on the morning of 26 December, 2004; the morning when one natural disaster would shock the world, destroy a country and tear apart thousands of locals, tourists, and this happy family. That is the day where the world sat and watched as the Tsunami hit Southern Asia and parts of Africa. But whilst we watched in tears and swamped with worry and fear, one family were torn apart; but they were determined, determined to find each other. In there heroic and brave struggle they battled against all the odds, life and death.

Tom Holland
It almost sounds wrong to say that this film is beautifully shot, but it really is; each shot captures the raw emotion, terrifying climate and mortal danger that all of these people were in. It is an extremely emotive movie, that really makes you think and realise what some of these people were put through..The lead couple, Watts and McGregor, are powerful actors, and each of them bring out their rawest performances to date; with McGregor's phone call home, and Watt's struggle to survive in a hospital bed really coming to mind. But for me the absolute standout performance comes from the oldest son Lucas, payed by the magical Tom

Holland. He carries a lot of the film, and is the one that eventually reunites the family split by disaster, and for someone making his film debut he is absolutely mind boggling. I really do see a huge career ahead for him, and I can't wait to see it unfold.

I will warn you that it isn't an easy film to watch, and it will stir up lots of awful and gut-wrenching emotions; but it is one of the films of the year at the same time, and it is blessed with some of the best performances I have seen on screen in a while.

The Impossible - Trailer