This Is 40: "Stop Treating Me Like A Child"

Director: Judd Apatow
Writer:    Judd Apatow
Starring: Paul Rudd
                Leslie Mann
                Maude Apatow
                Iris Apatow
                Jason Segel
                Melissa McCarthy
                Megan Fox
                Albert Brooks
                John Lithgow
                Chris O'Dowd
                Annie Mumolo
                 Lena Dunham
Rating:    ***

Release Date: 14/02/2013

This Is 40 is one of those films that is highly anticipated, and seeing as it is an kind of sequel to the huge hit, Knocked Up, people are expecting big things. It covers one of those subjects that are relatable to millions, so in theory should work; but the question is, does it work?

Pete and Debbie (Rudd & Mann) are, or were, a happily married couple who live in a nice house, have two beautiful daughters, and are basically living the American dream. Of course life isn't all peaches and cream for the couple, and with the pair fast approaching 40, things in their life just aren't what they thought they would be. They are struggling with the same things that many people around the world are struggling with; Money problems, troubles at work, and their children acting out and becoming addicted to the latest technology. Things go from bad to worse, and as life throws more and more obstacles there way; will they be able to hold up under the strain of being married in this modern world?

Leslie Mann, Paul Rudd
& Melissa McCarthy
Of course as it is an Apatow movie it is plenty funny, with laughs coming from left, right, and centre; but as well as the jokes and gags, there is a lot of heart and emotion in the script. The characters are relatable, the storyline is basic but doesn't need to be complicated, and the films only real let down is it's length. There are times when the scenes start to drag, and because of this the jokes get lost, but overall it works brilliantly. 

Thanks to a terrific supporting cast (including a sexy Megan Fox and a scene stealing Melissa McCarthy), the main pair, don't have to take on this hefty script alone; but luckily Mann and Rudd are brilliantly cast and handle it with ease. Mann is able to handle everything that is thrown at her, funny or sad, and Rudd can basically charm himself through any scene. All in all it is a brilliantly acted and made film, with a mix of funny, sad and a subtle realism woven throughout; it could just really do with about 30 minutes knocked off of it.

This Is 40 - Trailer