Hitchcock: "I'm Just A Man Hiding In The Corner, With A Camera...Watching"

Director: Sacha Gervasi
Writer:     John J. McLaughlin
Starring:  Anthony Hopkins
                 Helen Mirren
                 Scarlett Johansson
                 Toni Collette
                 Danny Huston
                 Jessica Biel
                 James D'Arcy
Rating:      ****

Release Date: 08/02/2013

The past couple of months has seen the life of Alfred Hitchcock put under a microscope twice now. First we saw a rather dark and sinister side to the film making genius in 'The Girl', a TV film based around the making of 'The Birds' and it's lead actress Tippi Hedren. Here we focus on a very particular time in 'Hitch's' life; the making of 'Psycho', the film that would go down in history as one of his most shocking and best pictures.

Alfred Hitchcock (Hopkins) has recently finished making 'North by Northwest' and with his films not getting the box office takings the studio would like, he is in desperate need of something fresh to liven up the worlds movie theatre's. He comes across as book called Psycho; a story loosely based on serial killer Ed Gein, which follows a man struggling to cope with his mothers death and going on a killing spree to protect his secret. When he first pitches the idea, the producers and big-wigs of Hollwood instantly turn their noses up and shoot him down; all except his hard working and proud wife Alma (Mirren).

Jessica Biel, Scarlett Johansson
& James D'Arcy
Alma has been through a lot during Alfred's career, and with a lengthy career in film making herself, she does find it tiresome. However, she always stands by her husband and does what she can to support him, despite her genuine feeling sometimes being suppressed. As he begins to cast the film and create his picture, he must deal with the various obstacles thrown at him during the time (a possible affair his wife may be having, falling ill, the ratings board fighting the film); whilst his wife Alma puts up with his over-bearing nature towards his female leads Janet Lee and Vera Miles (Johansson & Biel). It covers the entire film making process, including opening night as audiences worldwide were truly shocked and scared of the film; changing the worlds idea of horror films forever.

It is an outstanding performance that Anthony Hopkins gives, a truly breath-taking character that takes over him. I haven't seen anything like this since Meryl Streep's performance as Margaret Thatcher in 'The Iron lady'. He is perfection as the rather intimidating, yet brilliant director and truly swept me away with his interpretation of the famous director. By his side is the fantastic Helen Mirren as his wife Alma; she plays this character terrifically, bringing a subtle wit and slight boredom to a woman who has put up with a lot in her marriage. The supporting cast are wonderful with Toni Collette standing out to me the most as Hitchcock's stressed and trustworthy assistant. The film is made beautifully with a vibrancy and magic being brought to life in each scene, and any film that can turn serial killer Ed Gein into Hitchcock's dream guide is worth watching.

Hitchcock - Trailer