Parental Guidance: "Our Grandchildren Are Gonna Love Me"

Director: Andy Fickman
Writer:    Lisa Addario 
                Joe Syracuse
Starring: Billy Crystal
                Bette Midler
                Marisa Tomei
                Tom Everett Scott
                Bailee Madison
                Kyle Harrison Breitkopf
                Joshua Rush
Rating:    ***

Release Date: 26/12/12

This is one of those films that will most probably be slated by film reviewers worldwide; and while it might not be the most amazing cinematic effort ever, it delivers exactly what you expect it to. It is warm, has some funny moments and genuinely reminds me of the films I used to love when I was a child growing up; plus with Billy Crystal and Bette Midler as the stars you can't go that wrong.

Billy Crystal & Bette Midler
Artie and Diane (Crystal & Midler) are very similar to my own mum, she brought me up in a world where I could play outside without technology, I ate cakes and E numbers and children were allowed to be children; their daughter (Tomei) however brings her children up very differently. Since moving away Alice has become very distant from her parents, they don't see each other and Artie and Diane have only met their grandchildren once or twice. However, when Alice's only option left is to have her parents look after the children for a weekend their parenting styles clash in a very big way; they want her kids to have fun, whereas Alice wants her children to stick to a regimented schedule, something Artie and Dane can't and won't stick to.

It has everything that a family comedy should have, and I have to commend it for that; it is really funny, it's characters are endearing and easy to relate to and the story is full of heart and warm fuzzy stuff. Admittedly it's not going to make a huge dent in the world of cinema amongst today's blockbusters, but back in the days of Problem Child, Cheaper by the Dozen and Home Alone, this film would have cleaned the floor with them. Midler and Crystal do what they do well, and they do it with ease and a hilarious grace; and of course Tomei brings her superb acting chops perfectly into the mix. What these films of course are all about is the children, and Bailee Madison was the one that really stood out for me, portraying the moody and contained teenager in a fantastic way that children can relate to enjoy. All in all it is a brilliant feel-good movie, it just doesn't stand up well in today's film world, which is a such a massive shame.

Parental Guidance - Trailer