Side Effects: "Depression Is The Inability To Construct A Future"

Director: Steven Soderbergh
Writer:     Scott Z. Burns
Starring:  Jude Law
                 Rooney Mara
                 Catherine Zeta-Jones
                 Channing Tatum
                 Vinessa Shaw
                 Ann Dowd
Rating:     *****

Release Date: 08/03/2013

I go through phases when it comes to the way I watch films, sometimes I love horrors, sometimes comedies, and sometimes a good drama. Occasionally I don't even care if the film is the best along as I'm entertained, luckily that's not an issue with Side Effects. Here we have a tremendous thriller that twists and jars the audience in different directions leaving you unnerved and excited; and it's also a film I could watch no matter my mood. Lead by its four spectacular stars, Side Effects is a cinematic masterpiece.

Rooney Mara & Channing Tatum
Emily Taylor (Mara) is normally a laid back and cheery girl, but despite being reunited with her husband from prison, she becomes seriously depressed and begins to experience emotional episodes and suicide attempts. Her psychiatrist, Jonathan Banks (Law), seeks some help and advice from her previous doctor (Zeta-Jones), and eventually prescribes an experimental new medication called Ablixa. However, the drug causes her to kill her husband (Tatum) violently in a 'sleep-walking' state, devastating her and effecting everyone around her and involved.  With his name and practice in jeopardy, Dr. Banks refuses to accept full responsibility and investigates further to clear his name. What follows is a dark inquiry that threatens to destroy what's left of his life, as well as uncover more secrets behind this awful tragedy.

It truly is a dramatic and intense piece if film, that never really let's you relax or ease into it. As one secret dies down a new one is ncovered and you are constantly left realing Oliver each new discovery. Tatum and Zeta-Jones are terrific in their supporting roles, but it is Law and Mara that steal the show and take you on this suspenseful journey. The film is beautifully shot and directed and if the stories are true, this is to be Soderbergh's last films which is a real shame. With the dramatic performances, moody and tense camera work and the sharp and powerful script, Side Effects is a real masterpiece, and you can't help but get sucked in for the duration of it's extraordinary story and twists.

Side Effects - Trailer