RIP - Roger Ebert

Movie critic Roger Ebert has passed away at the age of 70.

Quite a few of you may not know alot about Roger Ebert, but as one of the most famous and respected movie reviewers in the world I certainly do. He has been a big inspiration to me and my blog. 

It has come as a complete shock as only yesterday he announced that after his cancer returning recently he would be taking things easier to get better, then the day after I hear the tragic news of his passing.

Chicago Sun-Times. the publication with which he worked for 46 years, announced his passing today. Ebert, one of America's most prominent film critics and a Pulitzer Prize-winning writer, died in Chicago after suffering from cancer of both the thyroid and salivary gland.

Below are just a few reaction of the actors and actresses he has reviewed in the past. Each star has nothing but love and respect for this man who had nothing but love and respect for the movies.

Jimmy Kimmel: "Roger Ebert was an excellent writer, a gifted artist, and as nice a guy as you'll ever meet. Sad he's gone."

Justin Long: "Reading Roger Ebert's reviews as a kid was instrumental in determining what I did w my life. He will be sorely missed."

Eliza Dushku: "#RogerEbert~ movies, folks/fans will miss you. Thank you, Sir, for your fine contributions to film. #rip."

Diablo Cody: "R.I.P. Roger Ebert. It was a privilege to interact with you. Thank you for the support, the criticism, and the true love for the movies."

Sandra Bernhard: "two thumbs up roger."

Seth Green: "Ever a class act, @EbertChicago made me love movies even more." 

Adam Shankman: "So sad to hear about @rogerebert. RIP brave unyeilding soldier. Maybe you get your own show now with the big guy! We will miss you. Xo"   

Mia Farrow: "RIP" 

Anna Kendrick: "Shocked and truly, deeply saddened at the loss of the great Roger Ebert. A legend. His voice will be missed."   

Steve Carell: "Thanks Mr. Ebert."   

Alyssa Milano: "Rest in peace, Roger Ebert! You were an inspiration." 

Ryan Seacrest: ""Thank you for being the best readers any film critic could ask for." No, thank YOU, Roger. #RIP"

An icon, a huge part of the film industry and someone I truly looked up to has gone. RIP Roger Ebert