We're The Millers: "How Would You Like To Spend Fourth Of July Weekend Making 10 Grand"

Director: Rawson Marshall Thurber
Writer:    Bob Fisher
               Steve Faber
Starring: Jason Sudeikis
               Jennifer Aniston
               Emma Roberts
               Will Poulter
               Ed Helms
               Nick Offerman
               Kathryn Hahn
               Molly Quinn
               Tomer Sisley
Rating:    ****

Release Date: 23/08/2013

I am just going to start this blog off by saying that the reason I have been away for a while is because I began to struggle to find time to do my blog and rather than doing it for fun, it became a chore. I have realised now how much I missed it so I am giving it another go; hopefully you will all continue to read and follow my random ramblings about all things cinema.

Emma Roberts, Jennifer Aniston,
Jason Sudeikis & Will Poulter
We're The Miller is a brilliant road trip comedy that follows your typical homely American family as they take a trip across America all the way from Mexico. The Miller's are made up of stern father David (Sudeikis), caring mother Sarah (Aniston), rebel daughter Casey (Roberts), and nerdy brother Kenny (Poulter); each has there own quirks and they all argue like any family would. They are as plain as any family you will meet on the streets. Apart from the fact that they're not a family; David is a drug dealer, Sarah is a stripper, Casey is a runaway and Kenny...well Kenny is still a nerd. 

They get shoved together when David hatches a mad plan after getting robbed. I the robbery he loses a rather expensive amount of drugs, drugs that his violent boss (Helms) wants repaid, one way or another. He is sent to Mexico to retrieve a gargantuan amount of drugs, and the only way he thinks he'll get back across the order is if he hires and RV and poses as a dull and uninteresting family; and so the Millers are born.

So many film reviewers have a love/hate relationship with any movie starring Jennifer Aniston, she is extremely talented and play comedy superbly, but for the past 10 years she has played many variants of Central Perks finest, Rachel Green. She never branched really out from the safe homely girl who everyone wants to love; that is until she starred in the hilarious Horrible Bosses. You now find her starring in the more R rated comedies that feature far more risque jokes. This I commend her for, because let's face it, she is getting too old to play the romantic leads in the sorts of films she used to. Audiences for those films are younger so she is no longer relatable, this however is a good thing because now the likes of Selena Gomez and Lea Michele can take those roles.

Kathryn Hahn & Nick Offerman
Both Aniston and Sudeikis bounce off of each other superbly and there tremendous skills in comedy really get to shine through. Alongside them we have Roberts who, to be perfectly honest, adds nothing to the onscreen dynamics and never really conjures any laughs. Her 'brother' on the other hand is superb; Will Poulter has done the odd film here and there and has starred in a few British sitcoms, and he really is a force to be reckoned with. He knows exactly when to come in with the punchline, or what crazy facial expression to pull next; and each of his quirks and actions are performed to the best potential and nearly always work.

The direction is nothing new or spectacular and in my humble opinion the director sometimes takes away from the jokes and on occasions destroys something that could have been really good. Luckily the script has enough gags and set pieces to save that, and as well as the four stars, the film features superb supporting actors Nick Offerman and Kathryn Hahn. These two comedy legends play there roles perfectly; they are a sexually deprived couple who turn to David and Sarah for support and advice. Hahn especially delivers some excellent improvised lines and her 'vagina monologue' had me laughing till the tears rolled down my cheeks.

We're The Millers is a wonderfully acted and wickedly funny film that all should see, it has well written jokes, lots of heart, butt-kicking action and Jennifer Aniston stripping; what more could you possibly want.

We're The Millers - Red Band Trailer


  1. Good review James. It was surprisingly funny, even if the first 30 minutes didn't show any promise of that whatsoever.


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