jOBS: "How Does Somebody Know What They Want If They Haven't Even Seen It"

Director: Joshua Michael Stern
Writer:    Matt Whiteley
Starring: Ashton Kutcher
               Josh Gad
               Dermot Mulroney
               Lukas Haas
               Victor Rasuk
               Eddie Hassell
               J.K. Simmons
               James Woods
Rating:    ***

Release Date: 16/08/2013 (US) 

Steve Jobs, a name that most people, if not all people, would know for his amazing career in the world of computers. He co-founded the company Apple (that small understated company), he helped develop some of today's best gadgets (Macs, ipods, iPhones) and right up until his tragic death, he worked harder and with more passion than many of us do in our day to day lives. However, with such hard work comes some great sacrifices, something that Jobs learnt all by himself.

Ashton Kutcher
The film opens in 2001, Apple Inc. have been developing PCs and other such devices for a couple of decades; Steve Jobs (Kutcher) is readying himself for a big announcement, an announcement that is about to change the direction of the company forever. He is about to release onto the public the first iPod, a music device that allows people to have over 1000 songs all in their pocket. It is a huge a part of Apple's history and the biggest step since they first launched. We are then taken back to 1974, to Reed College, the place where it all began.

Jobs is a man with ambition and drive, he sees things far into the future, and a lot of the times his ideas are way beyond any other persons comprehension. That never stops him, even when he is taken off of the project that he started and loves so much. It is this fire in his eye that Kutcher really needed to capture. Luckily he has succeeded in portraying such a huge character, and without doing it to big or with too much effort. I always have questioned Kutcher's acting abilities, but this really has proved to me what a talented man he is. 

He provides the role with a silent madness and a deep rooted obsession, something that needed to be subtle. He has to show Jobs craving for perfection and to amaze people, from our perspective Jobs was always in control, but it is apparent that behind the scenes this was not always the case. it is these two sides of the character that need to be shown, and luckily Kutcher does it with bravado and with a glint in his eye.

Josh Gad
I have a big issue with this film, and that is the content. I question the truth behind the story and how genuine the script is at portraying a modern day genius. From his ex-colleagues I have heard nothing but negative feedback about the film, with his Co-founder, Steve Wozniack, being very vocal about his disapproval of the film. He has said that none of the people are portrayed correctly, his involvement and vision was the same as Jobs but is not shown that way, and that in reality there is far too much fiction in what is supposed to be a factual film.

If jOBS had been a made up, based-loosely-on, film rather than a 'bopic' then I probably would have rated it higher. However due to thee amount of inaccuracies in the story, and I am going to believe the people that were actually there over a current script writer, I cannot review this film for what they have advertised it as; a biopic based on Steve Jobs life and career. As a fictional movie it is quite fantastic; but as an honest portrayal of a determined businessman, it is extremely mediocre.

jOBS - Trailer


  1. Good review James. Obviously not all of this is going to be true and hard-hitting, but this is seriously all that they could conjure up with for a Steve Jobs biopic?


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