Zootopia: "We All Make Mistakes, No Matter What Type of Animal You Are, Change Starts With You"

Director: Byron Howard
                Rich Moore
Writer:    Jared Bush
                Phil Johnston
Starring: Jason Bateman
                Ginnifer Goodwin
                Idris Elba
                J.K. Simmons
                Jenny Slate
                Nate Terrence
                Octavia Spencer
                Alan Tudyk
                Bonnie Hunt
                Don Lake
                Kristen Bell
Rating:    ****

Disney's latest offering is full of heart, talking animals and a message of acceptance, following your dreams, and being whatever you want to be; something that the world really needs at this current time.

The story follows Judy Hopps (Goodwin), a hopeful rabbit who dreams of becoming a police officer and protecting the streets of the big city, Zootopia. She is determined, and won't let her doubtful parents (Hunt & Lake) and friends deter her from what she wants. Soon Judy finds hersefl living her dream as she heads off to Zootopia to become a police officer; well that is wht she hopes. Reality is far bleaker as she become as traffic meter maid and is shown that in Zootopia, she is nothing more than a cute bunny, and nobody can see past that. 
Jason Bateman & Ginnifer Goodwin
Whilst on duty one day, Judy meets a smooth, charming and cunning fox, Nick Wilde (Bateman). Initially she trusts him and helps him out of a spot of bother, however he soon shows her his true colours as a stereotypical sly fox. Throughout the film she tries showing him that he doesn't have to be who society wants him to be, and he can actually be the kind of fox she knows he can be.

The two characters end up teaming up to solve an unusual crime, animals have been going missing and they need to find out why and where they've gone. There is of course some emotional punches in the film, particularly when Judy suggests that predators are all agressive deep down, and therefore hurting Nck and making him lose trust in all that she has said to him. It's these emotional punches that Disney is famous for, and this film does not fail to deliver.

The film is vey much centred around Judy and the audience are most definitely going to be there alongside her for the adventure. I found myself willing her to reach her goals and show the doubters that she can be as good as they are. It is clear to see why the studio changed the film to focus around Hopps rather than Nick Wilde as I struggled to connect with him untill the last chapter of the movie, something that just won't work in a disney caper.

Both Goodwin and Bateman provide briliant vocal work for the film, with Goodwin packing Judy with plenty of heart and honesty which allows the audience, young and old, to fall in love with her and cheer her on during her journey. Bateman of course brings the comedy and banter needed for a character like Nick Wilde, something that without it, the character could easily have become totally unlikable. Helping to support these characters are intimidating buffalos, double crossing sheep, a larger than life cheetah and a very emotional otter (voiced by Elba, Slate, Torrence and Spencer respectively), each voiced and animated perfectly by the actors and creators. The addition of Shakira and her Gazelle character seemed slightly pointless to me, but maybe I missed something, and atleast the song she performed was a good one.

The animation is, as always, on top form, and there are plenty of sight gags and winks to the audience for the adults to really appreciate, as well as many an easter egg for the avid Disney fans. The script by Jared Bush and Phil Johnston is funny, heartfelt and fast paced, and will certainly keep the little ones gripped throughout, the slightly older ones on the edge of their seats, and the oldest ones chuckling at the jokes the younger ones may not fully understand.

This film perfectly teaches chlildren about acceptance, tolerance and going for what you want, and in times like the ones were in now, that is the exact message we need to be giving to the younger generation, so a huge cogratuations to Disney for that.

Zootopia - Trailer