Absolutely Fabulous: "You Have Killed Kate Moss"

Director: Mandie Fletcher
Writer:    Jennifer Saunders
Starring: Jennifer Saunders
                Joanna Lumley
                Julia Sawalha
                June Whitfield
                Jane Horrocks
                Indeyarna Donaldson-Holness
                Kate Moss
                Emma Bunton
                Chris Colfer
Rating:    *****

Release Date: Out Now

Absolutely Fabulous has been part of the British Comedy scene for nearly 25 years, and it almost seemed to be all over after the last special in 2012. However thanks to Saunders best friend Dawn French (who cameos in the film) and a well planned dare, Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie has been born; and let me tell you, it is fabulously funny sweetie darling. 

Jennifer Saunders, Emma Bunton
& Joanna Lumley
It is 2016, and the world of celebrity is a very different place. With social media in the forefront they are in charge of their own PR leaving that side of the industry obsolete. The question is where does that leave PR guru Edina Monsoon (Saunders), the answer is not in a good place. When news breaks of Kate Moss needing a PR team, Eddie's best friend and infamous hot mess Patsy (Lumley) sets out to help Eddie get her first. The only problem is, their plan ends in disaster when Eddie knocks the model into the Thames and kills her. So with the help of her sensible daughter, Saffy (Sawalha); scatty assistant, Bubble (Horrocks); and unhelpful Mother (Whitfield), they set off too the South of France to escape the press and police.

The film is a fast-paced caper that takes the women from glamorous location to glamorous location, and they are clearly having a whale of a time whilst doing it. Both Saunders and Lumley slip straight back into their designer alter egos with ease and disgrace, with Lumley especially embracing and relishing every opportunity to say or do something outrageous. The other three women; Sawalha, Horrocks and Whitfield, are so natural that it is almost like they have never been away. The five stars are clearly having the best experience being back together, and that friendship and excitement is what drives the story of family and dysfunction so well.

Lulu & Jane Horrocks
Along with the original stars we are graced with new characters, like Chris Colfer's camp hair stylist and Saffy's daughter, Lola (Donaldson-Holness). Chris is a self confessed fan of the original show and he is clearly giddy just to be on set, and that comes across in his performance. Indeyarna Donaldson-Holness is a shining star in the movie as Lola; and possesses Saffy's sensible side as well as Eddie's free spirit style. Donaldson-Holness shows both sides of the characters brilliantly and brings a special dynamic to the film.

As with the series, the film is jam packed with cameos. You get appearances from original characters like Kathy Burke's Magda and Celia Imrie's Claudia Bing; as well as appearances as series celebrity cameos like Emma Bunton and Lulu. But the cameos don't stop there with the likes of Rebel Wilson, Dawn French, Joan Collins and even Rylan appearing in this fabulous world. Ab Fab is a favourite for so many people, and that just goes to show with the amount of familiar faces that show up in the film.

Jennifer Saunders has written an astonishingly funny script, that may have the odd wobbly patch, but overall is relentlessly entertaining. She packs in laughs a minute, outrageous chase scenes, glamorous locations and even a genuinely emotional monologue for Eddie in the final act. I personally feel it is everything the series was and more, and they should all be so proud to create a big screen version of a TV series that actually works. But most proud of all should be Jennifer Saunders, because this is all down to her (thanks to a push from Dawn of course.)

Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie - Trailer