Finding Dory: "The Best Things Happen By Chance"

Director: Andrew Stanton
Writer:     Andrew Stanton
                Victoria Strouse
Starring: Ellen Degeneres
                Albert Brooks
                Hayden Rolence
                Ed O'Neill
                Kaitlin Olson
                Ty Burrell
                Idris Elba
                Diane Keaton
                Eugene Levy
Rating:    *****

Release Date: Out Now 

It has been 13 years since we visited the deep ocean and its vibrant inhabitants, and it has been 13 years too long. Finding Nemo was a cinematic masterpiece; combining beautiful visuals, a heartfelt voice cast and wonderfully imagined characters. Marlin, Nemo and, of course, Dory are back, and this time they're on a journey of self discovery and Dory's lost family.

Baby Dory
One year after the events of Finding Nemo, and Marlin, Nemo and Dory (Brooks, Rolence & Degeneres) are living as a happy and dysfunctional family. Family is dear to Dory's heart, but due to her short term memory loss, she cannot remember what happened to hers. Marlin and Nemo promise to help Dory find her parents, and their journey brings them to a Marine Life Institute. With the help of some entertaining new friends, Dory searches for the piece of her that is missing.

Brooks gives Marlin the same fatherly protective side that endeared us to him in the first film, and Rolence is able to give Nemo that wide-eyed innocence and strength that makes Nemo so lovable. But, as she did in the first film, Ellen Degeneres steals the show; and this time, the film is actually meant to be all about her. Degeneres is friendly, charming, naive and gentle in her approach to voicing Dory, and if you thought you'd fallen in love with Dory during Finding Nemo, wait until you meet baby Dory. Finding Dory allows us to see adult Dory face her fears and go for what she dreams of, and adds an extra level to an already complex and intriguing character.

Dory & Hank
New cast members Kaitlin Olson, Ty Burrell and Idris Elba bring life and fun to their respective characters. Destiny, a short-sighted Whale Shark who communicates with Dory through Whale language; Bailey, a Beluga whale who is a tad on the dramatic side; and Fluke, a cockney sea lion who is very protective of his rock. However, the stand out character in this sequel (apart from Dory) is Hank, a grumpy seven tentacled octopus, who deep down has a tender heart and just wants to help. Ed O'Neill is a dab hand at the grumpy but lovable patriarchal character (see Married With Children or Modern Family), s it comes as no surprise that he brings life and light to Hank, and helps create a brilliantly developed and entertaining character.

As with all Pixar films, Finding Dory is as much for the adults as it is for children. It is filled with heart, laugh out loud moments (some for the children, and many for the grown ups), and to look at, it is stunning and is visually even better than Finding Nemo. Andrew Stanton has created a superb sequel to an already fantastic movie, and as well as directing a talented cast and gifted animators, both he and Victoria Strouse have written a story that pulls you in and takes you on an emotional ride.

Finding Dory - Trailer