Ghostbusters: "I Ain't Afraid Of No Ghosts"

Director: Paul Feig
Writer:    Katie Dippold
                Paul Feig
Starring: Kristen Wiig
                Melissa McCarthy
                Kate McKinnon
                Leslie Jones
                Chris Hemsworth
                Neil Casey
                Cecily Strong
                Andy Garcia
                Charles Dance
Rating:    *****

Home Release: November 21, 2016 

After an intolerable and unnecessarily sexist response to the all-female Ghostbusters reboot, it is without question that the release of this film had so many people praying for it to be good, even after the trailer I had doubts. It easily could've been a disaster, meaning all of the bigots fighting it's release would've won; luckily that is far from the case. Ghostbusters is funny, powerful, exciting, and did I mention funny...and with Paul Feig at the helm, I don't know why anyone would have doubted otherwise.

Leslie Jones, Melissa McCarthy,
Kristen Wiig & Kate McKinnon
Abby and Erin (McCarthy & Wiig) used to be close friends who once worked hard on proving that ghosts and the paranormal existed. Now Erin works for an Ivy League school and Abby continues to search for the proof she has worked her whole life for, along with her zany assistant, Holtzmann (McKinnon). Fate brings these three together, and with the help of streetwise Patty and handsome but dumb Kevin (Jones & Hemsworth), they must join their combined strengths and take down the newest set of spooks attacking the big apple.

Here we have comedy done at it's best; Feig has brought together four of the funniest women in the entertainment industry and, along with Katie Dippold, has created a wickedly funny script for them to deliver (although no doubt, they all had the freedom to stretch their comedic chops on set).

McCarthy and Wiig are known worldwide for their brilliant sense of humour and sharp comic timing, but it is fair to say that Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones are more famous across the pond; hopefully that is all about to change. Both of these hilarious women bring their A-game to the film, with each of them often stealing scenes and providing the biggest belly laughs in the film. I sincerely hope this means we will be seeing more of both of them in the near future, because they are comedic gems.

Chris Hemsworth
During the press tour, I have heard the four stars speak of how funny their co-star, Chris Hemsworth, is and how they couldn't believe how quick and witty he was. Initially i thought it was Hollywood politeness, and they were just saying what needed to be said, but my lord they were right. He dances, he cracks out the one liners and he embraces every wacky idea that is thrown at him. He stands strong next to the fearless foursome, and there's not a weak player in the film.

Ghostbusters is at times genuinely scary, with the audience jumping at multiple points throughout the movie, but soon after you'll be dying from laughing at the on screen gags. What also brings the film to life is the nostalgia. From the use of the theme tune (old and new) to seeing the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man; or coming to face to face with Slimer once more, it all helps to put you at ease, without feeling horseshoed in. You may even see a few familiar faces, Bill Murray as a paranormal sceptic, for one and Sigourney Weaver appearing in a mid-credits scene.

As a whole, Ghostbusters delivers. It is everything the original films were, and more. It does not mean it is better, it just means it is a different film, but it is laugh out loud funny and brilliantly written and directed. Paul Feig knows how to direct, and he knows how to let funny people do what they need to do. All of those haters (for lack of a better word) can swallow their words, and if the original cast can get on board and enjoy the ride, then so should the audience. Well done to all involved, this is absolutely an example of not letting people hold you back, because if they did...then this awesome comedy movie may never have been released.

Ghostbusters - Trailer