If You're Reading This...

If you're reading this, cooey!!!

I have been sharing my opinions on films, television and all that's in between for about five years now. There have been points where my writing has had to take a back seat, and admittedly times where writing was no longer enjoyable.

Now, whether you're a friend that looks at my blogs out of sympathy, a loyal reader, a casual viewer or someone that accidentally clicked the wrong link and doesn't understand how you ended up here, a big hello to you sassy people, I genuinely thank you for your support over the years.

If you've made it this far into this irrelevant post, a big congratulations to you, and here is a cyber-high 5...did you feel it? Basically what this post is for, is a chance for me to say that Expect Spoilers is here to stay now; and I will be uploading regularly. Now if you do enjoy what I have been doing, then please follow my blog or on any of the below social media platforms:

Anyway, it's probably just me and my mum that have read this far into the post, and she's probably crying and trying to figure out how to share this on her own social media. But to anyone else that may be reading, thank you so much and I hope you stick around.

p.s. sorry for the blatant self-whoring I have just put out there...