Sausage Party: "So You Have Learned The Terrible Truth"

Director: Conrad Vernon
                Greg Tiernan
Writer:     Kyle Hunter
                 Ariel Shaffir
                 Seth Rogen
                 Evan Goldberg
                 Jonah Hill
Starring: Seth Rogen
                 Michael Cera
                 Kristen Wiig
                 Bill Hader
                 Jonah Hill
                 Salma Hayek
                 James Franco
                 Paul Rudd
                 Nick Kroll
                 Edward Norton
                 David Krumholtz
Rating:     ****

Release Date: Out Now

I have personally been waiting for this films release since way back when it was first announced. Something about the concept of Pixar for adults just struck a chord with me, and for some reason it is an audience that has never been catered for. Despite what some people may say, everyone loves an animated film. Whether it a Disney classic or the tale of a grumpy ogre in a swamp; it is something everyone enjoys. But who said they have to be child friendly. Clearly Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg thought the same thing, because here we are with their brain child, Sausage Party.

Brenda Bunson, Sammy Bagel Jr,
Kareem Abdul Lavash & Teresa Del Taco
Set in a supermarket, the film follows Frank the hot dog (Rogen) and his voluptuous girlfriend, Brenda Bunson (Wiig) who of course is a hotdog bun. All they have ever dreamt of is moving on to "the great beyond", where the can finally be together properly and do more than "touch tips". However what they, and rest of the supermarket residents; including a lesbian taco, a native American bottle of liquor and an angry douche (literally), don't know is that "the great beyond" isn't the safe haven they all believe it to be. The reality is, the Gods (we human beings) kill and eat them, or use them for horrific acts they dare not think of. They must team together to stop the Gods, and take back their lives for themselves.

Behind the characters are superb voice actors, each actor a comedic genius of sorts, that knows exactly to handle the crass nature of the script without it coming across as dumb and brain numbing. I'm not saying the film is a groundbreaking piece of cinema that will change your perspective on the world, but it will have you laughing violently, and even warm your heart a bit.

Frank & Barry
Kristen Wiig and Salma Hayek (Theresa, the lesbian taco) stole the show for me, with both women dominating their way through a male lead film, and taking no prisoners while doing. They give their characters sex appeal, savvy and smarts, as well as being sharp and funny alongside it. I am aware I am describing a hotdog bun and a taco as having sex appeal, but once you see it, you'll understand it.

The script manages to give the principal characters depth, and for some reason you feel for them; you actually begin to rot for food products. It shouldn't effect you, but when you see a baby carrot getting eaten alive, it hurts you...deep inside.

The imagery in the film is insanely clever, with war scenes being played out with full intensity while a jar of peanut butter mourns the loss of his partner; a jar of jelly. The film is full of little sight gags and visual puns like this that with one watch, you are likely to miss quite a few of them. I personally enjoyed the actual meatloaf singing Meatloaf's 'I'd do Anything for Love', not many films could pull that off, but Sausage party manages it.

Sausage party is an adult animation that is full of sex, adult humour and even religion. The underlying theme of the after life and how each different food group views what it is like is actually quite eye opening. With out getting too deep, it mirrors perfectly how different religions view things, whilst highlighting that each belief is as right as the next belief. Sausage Party is also full of every stereotype known to man, so no one gets of lightly, everyone is as belittled as the next person; and that is how comedy needs to be done. It doesn't show hate or intolerance, it shows that everyone needs to be able to laugh at themselves.

Despite the deeper undertones, Sausage Party is a Rogen Goldberg film, so of course it is crass, vulgar and at times disturbing; there's a food orgy for Christ's sake. But with it's Pixar-esque animation and superb voice cast, this has turned out to be a first class comedy film, with a real moral to back it up. 

Sausage Party - Red Band Trailer