The Shallows: "Are You Ready To Get Wet, Dr. Adams"

Director: Jaume Collet-Serra
Writer:     Anthony Jaswinski
Starring: Blake Lively
Rating:    *****

Release Date: Out Now 

The premise for The Shallows isn't necessarily something that is fresh or never before seen, however the directors approach, the high levels of intensity and a knock out performance from Blake lively really push this shark attack film way out ahead of the rest.

The film is based solely around Nancy (Blake Lively), a young medical student mourning her mother. Nancy visits a secluded beach, her mum once spoke of, to surf and spend some time alone. Everything is going swimmingly (pun intentional), until she finds herself being pursued by natures fiercest cold blooded predator, a great white shark.With only 200 yards between herself and the shore, her survival both is frustratingly close and devastatingly far away. Nancy is required to use any available resources, her quick smarts and inner strength to outwit and survive the giant killer.

Blake Lively
For this film to truly work, it needed a lead that was going to be relatable and likable, we as an audience have to be rooting for her throughout and for us to do that, Nancy needed to be true. Blake Lively brings everything and more to the role of Nancy; and it is her performance that acts as the cherry on the perfectly iced cake. She is strong, booth physically and mentally, she embodies this character and brings the film to life. Her emotive performance helps to build the tension, and I can't comment her enough.

Jaume Collet-Serra's direction is fast, up-close and raw. He clearly knows how to build tension, and raises it to toe-curling proportions. The first moment Nancy enters the water, he slows the camera right down as she runs into the crystal clear, blue water with a look of relaxed joy on her face. It really magnifies the idea of that being her last free moment in the film and from then on it is a nail biting fight to the end. The snippets of underwater shot constantly remind the audience of the impending doom, and give an uneasy sense of Nancy being watched. It is these little tricks, alongside the high energy pursuits, that make the film the thrill ride that it is.

It is such a simple film, and if my review (plus the many other rave reviews) don't show that, then let the figures do the talking. Made on a $17 million budget, the film has taken just over $110 million at the box office. It is an uundeniable success, and ridiculously scary; catch it in cinemas while you can.

The Shallows - Trailer