Office Christmas Party: "Hey, Santa! Wanna Party"

Director: Josh Gordon
                Will Speck
Writer:    Justin Malen
                Laura Solon
                Dan Mazer
Starring: Jason Bateman
                Olivia Munn
                T.J. Miller
                Jillian Bell
                Vanessa Bayer
                Courtney B. Vance
                Rob Corddry
                Karan Soni
                Fortune Feimster
                Kate McKinnon
                Jennifer Aniston
Rating:    ****

Release Date: Out Now 

There is no doubt in anyone's mind that 2016 has taken some of the greatest stars of the entertainment industry from us; making it a genuinely upsetting 12 months. So with it being the final day of the year, I thought I would go out with a smile, reviewing festive comedy Office Christmas Party.

Kate McKinnon, Olivia Munn,
Jason Bateman & Jennifer Aniston
Set in a failing branch of tech company left to warring siblings Carol and Clay (Aniston & Miller), there last hope of survival is partnering with financial giant Walter Davis (Vance). To do so Clay and his co-workers Josh and Tracey (Bateman & Munn) defy Carol's no Christmas Part rule, and invite Walter to part to end all parties, to show this is a company in which he should invest. Unfortunately, things soon get out of hand, with prostitutes, drugs and pimps soon overtaking the event and turning into the wildest party this office has ever seen.

Now this truly is an ensemble film, with each actor getting memorable moments to shine, stretch their comedy chops and make the audience laugh. Whether it is Aniston verbally assaulting a child, Vanessa Bayer's awkward interaction with a fellow employee or Fortune Feimster's Uber driver on her first day just trying to do the best at her job. There is plenty in their to make you laugh, and while none of it is particularly fresh or different, it does it's job.

Jillian Bell
Standing out for the crowd however is Kate McKinnon as the frumpy, gas-passing head of HR and Jillian Bell as a slightly maniacal pimp and drug dealer. McKinnon has definitely blown up this last year, with Ghostbusters, Finding Dory and her highly acclaimed impression of Hillary Clinton during the presidential election run-up catapulting her to the forefront., and she shines yet again in this film; providing most of the major belly laughs from the audience. The same is said for Bell, who I have seen briefly in other films like Bridesmaids and 22 Jump Street, but here she really gets to show us what she has got. Her change in personality is hilarious, and she really holds her own next to the likes of Bateman and Miller.

The script is packed with funny one-liners, and enough visual-gags to keep your sides hurting for the majority of the film. As i previously mentioned, the story, though fairly original, does not contain many fresh plot ideas to keep the movie feeling exciting, but that can be forgiven for the sheer umber of jokes. The three directors have brought together a superb cast of comedic actors, and luckily they deliver each hilarious bit of dialogue perfectly. Not many films treat you to Jennifer Aniston wrestling the hefty T.J. Miller, and for that Office Christmas Party delivers perfectly.

 Office Christmas Party - Trailer