Fences: "Some People Build Fences To Keep People Out, And Other People Build Fences To Keep People In"

Director: Denzel Washington
Writer:     August Wilson
Starring: Denzel Washington
                Viola Davis
                Stephen Henderson
                Jovan Adepo
                Russell Hornsby
                Mykelti Williamson
                Saniyya Sidney
Rating:    *****

Release Date: February 10, 2017 

A story of jealousy, a broken family, loyalty and grim determination is exactly what Fences is. A patriarch that is angry and set in his ways, a man that wants things done his way, and if they aren't he becomes volatile. The matriarch a strong woman who tries to stand up to her husband but rarely succeeds, and stands by him no matter what. 

Denzel Washington
Disappointed in and envious of his sons, embarassed by his brother and seemingly bored of his marriage, Troy Maxson (Washington) is the head of the story. Admittedly not a likable character, and that never really changes throughout. However, somehow he never feels like a villain; credit to Denzel Washington for this.Washington delivers a powerful and overbearing performance that envelopes the screen and intimidates the audience. He has created an angry and unlikable man, but somehow you understand him. Thanks to his multifaceted portrayal Troy becomes a man on the edge, an overly protective man and a stubborn one. Still awful in his actions, but not necessarily in the wrong.

By his side his wife, portrayed by Viola Davis, is protective and strong-willed, but in a very different way to her husband. Davis is warm, nurturing and maternal in her actions and interpretation. She provides an unfiltered and unflinching look at the life of a black woman married to an aggressive and ignorant man in 1950s Pittsburgh. When she finally reaches her limits near the end of the film it is emotive, deep and full of grit and determination; however with him she remains despite his many failures.

Viola Davis
These two actor give the performance of their lives. Complimenting each other with ease, ensuring neither gets left behind in the dust. Such raw passion and brutal honesty is shown in their faces, movements and speech, capturing the audience in every scene and forcing you to feel each and every emotion they have to offer. Having both starred together in the original play's revival on Broadway, in 2010, they clearly know each other, the characters and the source material inside and out; and that knowledge is very much powerful in this case.

Denzel Washington is also director for Fences, something he has only done a handful of times, but you never would know. His decisions in the film making process are dark and gritty; enhancing the films atmosphere and tone. Helped massively by his superb ensemble of actors that support he and Viola throughout, and of course the moving script by August Wilson; Fences is an emotional tsunami, and is sure to sweep up during award season (which it has already started too).

Fences - Trailer