Logan: "The World Is Not The Same As It Was, Charles. Mutants...They're Gone Now"

Director: James Mangold
Writer:     Scott Frank
                James Mangold
                Michael Green
Starring: Hugh Jackman
                Patrick Stewart
                Boyd Holbrook
                Stephen Merchant
                Richard E. Grant
                Dafne Keen
                Elizabeth Rodriguez
                Eriq La Salle
                Elise Neal
Rating:    ****

Release Date: Out Now 

Ever since I first saw the trailer for Logan, I was intrigued about the direction that director James Mangold was taking the character of Wolverine. That paired with Jackman's comments about Logan being like no other superhero film that has come before; I felt a mixture of excitement and nerves. That definitely describes this film, but that definitely comes with a sacrifice. Logan has turned out to be a brutally emotional film, filled with style and thrills. It is filled with scenes that pack and emotional punch, but that may not be every Marvel fan's cup of tea.

It is 2049, and Logan (Jackman), Charles Xavier (Stewart) and Caliban (Merchant) have been forced into hiding just south of the Mexican border. There are very few mutants still alive, and none have been born in the last 25 years. Logan has aged a lot since we last saw him, and his healing abilities are lagging, Xavier has a severe brain disorder, and Caliban is having to care for Professor X while Logan is driving a limo to make enough money to pay for Xavier's medicine. The world is so similar to ours yet so far from being the same, and it has an eerie and unsettling feel surrounding it.

Enter Donald Pierce (Holbrook), who Logan meets when he is driving. Pierce tells him of a woman called Gabriella and a missing girl that he is determined to find. This is where the action kicks in. The film is a blend of a western movie, featuring stand-offs of course, and a road movie with an intense cat and mouse chase. It is full of violence and shocks, and there are villains around every corner, including Richard E. Grant as an evil scientist.

In the film, the relationship between Logan and Xavier is a beautiful, award deserving bond. Becoming almost like father and son, the chemistry they share as they snipe and reflect on their past is electric. Dafne Keen, who plays the missing girl, is a wonderfully talented 11 year old; able to mirror the traits of Logan, nailing stunts and bringing raw emotion, without saying very many lines. She adds an extra dynamic to the film, and they become a family, a dysfunctional one at that. Charles is full of optimism, and that clashes wonderfully with Logan's grumpy demeanour, a back and forth these actors have perfected.

Recently superhero films have made the decision to aim themselves at a more adult audience, and Logan is no exception to this latest trend. In fact it lives up to it's higher age rating in the first 5 minutes and never really eases off from there. While it has tender moments splashed troughout, the off funny situation and even a very rare moment of calm as they enjoy a dinner together, these a few and far between. There is no way that you could describe Logan as boring, with it's brilliant pacing, the length is easily overlooked, even if i left the film feeling exhausted. There is more gut-wrenching violence and intense kill scenes than there have ever been in an X-Men film, and it is not cartoon violence like most films of this genre are.

It is clear to see that Logan is a far superior film to the previous two spin-off Wolverine movies, and a deeper and more grown up flam than the recent 'First Class' films. Logan is brave and exciting, a superhero film that never feels like one, and for me that is a god thing, but others maybe it's not.  As this is Hugh Jackman's last time playing Wolverine/Logan (after 9 appearances) and it proves to be a beautiful swan song for him, as well as a tour de force for Stewart and an spellbinding debut from young Keen. This is definitely not a family film like previous X-Men film, so don't brig your kids; hove I'd definitely bring some tissues.

Logan - Trailer