Atomic Blonde - Trailer

The first trailer for Atomic Blonde is here.

Atomic Blonde is based on Antony Johnston's graphic novel The Coldest City, and is a star vehicle for Charlize Theron. Theron portrays Lorraine Broughton, a top-level spy for MI6, who gets dispatched to Berlin to take down a vicious espionage ring. Set on the eve of the collapse of The Berlin Wall, Lorraine must make an uneasy partnership and release her full arsenal of skills to topple the evil group.

Starring alongside Theron will be James McAvoy, John Goodman, Eddie Marsan, Sofia Boutella, Toby Jones and Bill Skarsgard.

Atomic Blonde is due for release on July 28, 2017 in the US, and August 11, 2017 in the UK.