Sandy Wexler: "An Agent Is Business, But A Manager Is Family"

Director: Steven Brill
Writer:     Dan Bulla
                Paul Sado
                Adam Sandler
Starring: Adam Sandler
                Jennifer Hudson
                Kevin James
                Terry Crews
                Rob Schneider
                Colin Quinn
                Nick Swardson
                Lamorne Morris
Rating:    *

Release Date: Streaming now on Netflix 

Where to start with Adam Sandler. Somehow he still manages to be one of the highest paid 'actors' in Hollywood, his streaming figures on Netflix are some of the services biggest, and the biggest stars want to work with him. If you'd never seen a film with him in, you'd be under the assumption that his films must be some of the finest comedy ever made...but that is where you'd be wrong. 

I remember in the 90's early 00's I thought films like Little Nicky, Big Daddy and Billy Madison were some of the funniest films I'd ever seen. However looking back, and with the exception of Big Daddy, they truly are diabolical. His use of shrill shrieking voices, outward aggression, chauvinistic attitudes towards women and outdated use of stereotypes very quickly become grating and offensive. The fact that he still chooses to use these 'comedic techniques' nearly 20 years later is even more offensive and way past its use-by-date.

Sandy Wexler, which focuses on a a Hollywood manager who manages some of the worst entertainers in the industry way back in the 90's. Fun fact, the character is based on Adam Sandler's actual manager, Sandy Wernick, and if I was him; I'd be offended. The voice Sandler has chosen to use for the character is possibly his most annoying yet, the shrill, fake laugh becomes exhausting the moment you hear it and his childish attitude is pathetic and lame. The attempts at making him a funny and lovable character fail miserably, and from the get go it is impossible to empathise for or care about the struggling manager.

The actual plot of the film is a love story, I guess, but it is hard to see how anyone can love the character; then I remember it is a Sandler pic, and no matter how vile and gross his character's act...of course the stunning female character can't keep her hands off of him. In this film, Jennifer Hudson play the love interest, Courtney. She is a performer at a theme park, and when Sandy sees her singing one day he snaps her up and begins to manage her. However his desperate attempts to keep her for himself (gross) means he lies to her and pushes others away so only he can be the cause of her success and the keeper of her heart.

Hudson is OK in this film, but that doesn't matter when you are starring alongside Sandler. People are only cast in these films to boost Sandler's ego and career. Which explains why his friends, like Schneider, James and Spade, always appear in his films. They're like his yes men who keep him happy and fill his head with nonsense. It baffles me that Hudson, an Academy Award winner, is unable to find herself cast in any good films since her turn in Dreamgirls. She is clearly a good actress, but for some reason Hollywood won't give her the chance and she ends up in nonsense like this movie.

Sandler is clearly a popular man in the industry, with some of the biggest names in Hollywood making cameo appearances in most of his films, this one including Jimmy Kimmel, Milo Ventimiglia, Henry Winkler and Janeane Garofalo showing their faces. If I could understand what it was that meant people wanted to appear in his films, well I think I'd have to be a member of Mensa. He never fails to be tiresome, vulgar, violent and derogatory, and out of his many films maybe two of them have shown him as otherwise. Sandy Wexler is possibly his most annoying character yet, and I'm genuinely annoyed at myself that I have given Netflix myself as a viewing figure for this abomination. 

Sandy Wexler - Trailer