Friends With Benefits: "So My Daughter Is Just Your Slam-Piece"

Director: Will Gluck
Writer:    Keith Merryman
                Harley Peyton
                David A. Newman
Starring: Justin Timberlake
                Mila Kunis
                Woody Harrelson
                Jenna Elfman
                Richard Jenkins
                Patricia Clarkson
                Nolan Gould
                Emma Stone
Rating:    **** 

This hilarious comedy about sex without emotions is a big success and had me laughing throughout.

The film centres around Jamie & Dylan (Kunis & Timberlake), they start the film as two strangers but soon become the closest of friends. As the film goes on their friendship becomes sexual, resulting in some of cinemas funniest sex scenes. Timberlake as Dylan, gives a very comical and almost naïve portrayal of the character, his fish out of water storyline allows for this and helps him grow. His innocence and childlike qualities are really brought out by Kunis, who plays the brash Jamie. She plays the damaged, looking for love character very well and her years of work in comedy really help her in this film. Their chemistry together works perfectly and they carry this film as a team, and it really is a credit to them and the casting team.

Dylan's work colleague, Tommy (Harrelson), acts as the voice of reason in Dylan's life. Despite the fact he is gay, he knows more about women then Dylan ever will and helps him out in his time of need. His inappropriate comments, and constant flirting with Dylan make for some laugh out loud moments, and Harrelson really plays the role well. It is a lot different from his previous roles, but his southern charm makes him really likeable. Jamie's mum, Lorna (Clarkson), acts as Jamie's mentor in life, despite being a terrible mother. Even though she has never really been there as a mother for Jamie, she will always help her as a friend and she tries to advise her as best she can. Clarkson is on top form as usual, she plays the inappropriate mother perfectly and had me laughing from start to finish. This is her second time working with the Director (Gluck), and he always manages to bring the best out in her.

Dylan's sister, Annie (Elfman), clearly has a close bond with him. She is loving and caring but will happily mock him at every given opportunity. Elfman is brilliant in this role, and her sweet maternal characterisation of Annie makes her a really sweet person. Their father (Jenkins) suffers from Alzheimer's, and it is clearly having a tough effect on both of their lives, but they always stand by each other, as a family, through thick and thin. Jenkins plays the role very tenderly, and adds a nice dynamic to the film and the various characters.

Sammy (Gould) is Annie's son, he clearly wants to be a magician but isn't quite getting it. Gould's portrayal as the sweet but dim Sammy isn't a far stretch from his role in the very popular Modern Family, but why fix something that isn't broken. His many attempts at magic tricks make for some very funny comedic moments throughout the film. Finally, a quick mention of the character Kayla (Stone). Despite her only appearing in a cameo role at the beginning, she still delivers her perfect comedic timing in the scene, and proves she never half-arses anything.

The directing, writing and acting make this film very funny, and a big step up from this years 'No Strings Attached'. The chemistry and performances given make this film touching, funny and most importantly a little bit filthy. The chemistry between the leads is perfect, and despite it not being the most original storyline it is still hilarious. I really recommend you go and see it when it comes out at the cinema, because it is a real treat.