Community - Biology 101

Starring: Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs, Danny Pudi, Donald Glover, Alison Brie, Yvette Nicole Brown, Jim Rash, Ken Jeong, Chevy Chase, John Goodman

Rating: ****

Air Date:
Season 2 - October 2011, Viva

With a show stopping musical opening, to a heartfelt emotional ending, Community is back and funnier than ever.

One thing you know with Community is that you really don't know. You think you know where you are going with the story, then suddenly the show turns into a cartoon, and that is what I love!!! Of course seeing over the unusual gang is Jeff Winger (McHale), and as usual he is arrogant, cocky and as self assured as ever. Of course things don't go the way he wants, and his melt down in this episode is particularly funny, it involves air vent chases and table axing. McHale slips in to character instantly and I am just glad he is back and hasn't changed one bit. Always there to tell him how it is and put him down is Britta (Jacobs), the sexy, bohemian character, who despite her best efforts, comes of pretentious and cold. Despite these personality floors she is actually quite endearing, and her constant attempts to be one of the girls or save the planet are always funnier than the previous. I love how despite her hard demeanour she is really quite naive and sweet, and Jacobs portrays this brilliantly, as well as bringing the funny all the way through an episode.

Abed (Pudi) is the television obssessed and eccentric one of the group, and he is still brilliant even in the third season. He is one of my favourite characters in the show, and I think that is down to the fact that Pudi is brilliant, but also the character is so deliciously odd. His bizarre personality is very different to the others, which adds something extra to the group and it is always funny. His sidekick is Troy (Glover), he is a previous high school jock, dumb and never seems to be quite with it. Whilst the group are talking and arguing he is always staring into space, but he genuinely does try his hardest to keep up and join in. He never fails to make me laugh, and his and Pudi's chemistry is just spot and makes their partnership the best in the show.

Annie (Brie) is the bubbly, cute, but slightly unhinged high school drop out. She is known as 'Adderall Annie', after becoming addicted to Adderall in high school, having a melt down, and jumping out of a window shouting "Everyone's a robot". Brie is able to pull of both sweet Annie and psycho Annie, and it is when she is psycho that she at her funniest. Annie's best friend is Shirley (Brown), a devout Christian, proud black woman, mother of 3, and has thinly veiled rage issues. She is often seen gossiping nicely to he friends, but when crossed her inner diva comes out, and she flips her shiz. Shirley is my other favourite character in the show, A. because I love black women, and B. because she is the funniest and best written character in the show. She has so many different sides, and each of them is as hilarious as the first, it is really down to Brown's brilliant portrayal of her that makes me love her so much.

The last member of the group is Pierce Hawthorne (Chase), he is racist, sexist and an all round bigot, but somehow he is hilarious and kind of enjoyable. The fact he genuinely doesn't realise what he is saying is so offensive, is really endearing and funny. Chase does a brilliant job bringing the character to life and he is one of the most offensive characters in the show. Second most offensive is Ben Chang (Jeong), the groups old Spanish teacher, and now he spends his time desperately trying to get into the group. As most people know, Ken Jeong is a comedy genius, and he doesn't disappoint in this season. His psychotic personality and desperate ploys for friendship are always side splittingly funny, and Jeong has made a strangely likable character with Chang.

Finally is Dean Craig Pelton (Rash), the closeted, dalmatian obsessed, College Dean. He spends most of his day, running a college poorly, watching dalmatian fetish movies and groping Jeff whenever he can. Rash is hilarious in the role, and literally makes me laugh everytime he pops into a room out of nowhere, in the most bizarre manners. This season he has a rival to compete with, Vice Dean Robert Laybourne (Goodman). This is Goodman's first season on the show, but he is just as brilliant as the rest of the cast. He fits right in, and him and Rash are perfect together. I really look forward to seeing these to arguing and competing throughout this season, because it is bound to be funny as.

The creator, Dan Harmon, has done a brilliant job kicking off the new season, and although it isn't my favourite episode, it was still funny. I giggled, I sang and I got really excited to see the cast back in the study room. I'm really upset that Community gets such crap coverage in the UK, it is stuck on a terrible channel, nearly no advertising and certainly no promotion. It is one of the best sitcoms around at the moment, and it easily competes with the likes of 30 Rock, Modern Family and Two and a Half Men, but yet nobody really knows about it her, which is a real shame. Now although this is season three I'm talking about, we are a whole season behind; which means that in October season two will be starting. I don't know dates or times, but when I do, believe me you will all know about it; because someone needs to advertise this brilliant sitcom in this country.