What's Your Number: "Stop F**king Your Dog"

Director: Mark Mylod
Writer:    Gabrielle Allen
              Jennifer Crittenden
Starring:  Anna Faris
              Chris Evans
              Joel Mchale
              Blythe Danner
              Ari Graynor
              Mike Vogel
              Chris Pratt
              Martin Freeman
              Aziz Ansari
              Zachary Quinto
              Andy Samberg
              Thomas Lennon
              Dave Annable
              Anthony Mackie
Rating: ***

Release Date: 30/09/11

Based on the book, '20 Times a Lady' by Karyn Bosnak, this sweet romantic comedy has the occasional laugh out loud moment, but it's nothing special.

So, here is the situation. Ally Darling (Faris) is an attractive and artistic woman living in Boston. She is stuck in a job which she isn't that bothered about, with her disgusting pig of a boss Roger (McHale). She ends up losing this job, and when reading in an article that the average number of men women have slept with is 10.5, she frantically tries to figure out her number, resulting in the number 19. When her friends tell her that if you sleep with more than twenty you are less likely to marry, she vows to never sleep with a man again until she is married. But of course 10 (or so) shots later and things go a bit wrong, resulting in her waking up in bed with her ex-boss Roger. It is at this point that she decides to stop dating, and hunt for all of her sexual conquests, because one of them has to be Mr Right.

Now the story is set in motion Ally needs some help, and who better than her hot, sleazy (and often naked) neighbour Colin (Evans). Coming from a family of policemen, he is good at tracking people down, so she looks to him for help. But of course, we all see where this is going, cue predictable and cliched rom-com ending. I will admit that Evans and Faris have excellent chemistry, and are both fantastic at comedy, especially Faris, but this film didn't really let them let loose. Faris really needs to talk to her agent or something, because she is never used to her full potential, but it was nice to see more emotion from her in this film, than any film before.

Of course the supporting cast are excellent, Ava (Danner), Ally's mother, is high class, picky and over dramatic, her sister Daisy (Graynor) is the sensible sibling and is always there to offer some decent advice, and finally Daisy's soon to be husband Dave (Vogel) who is the charming fiance who used to be a high school douche. Also a special mention to Joel McHale, who I have briefly mentioned, who is hilarious in this role. Whether he is having a cheeky scratch and sniff or literally picking Ally up for a smooch he always managed to make me laugh, shame he was the same as every character he has ever played.

Finally there were the many boyfriends, and A-List cameo's (try to keep up now). Rick (Quinto), a save-the-planet type, Donald (Pratt), used to be fat, now he is not and he is engaged to pretty scientist type (also Faris' real life husband), Simon (Freeman), an English man type, who Ally tries to impress with a terrible English accent, (that scene is hilarious). Also there is Gerry Perry (Samberg), high school nerd and bad in bed type, Barret (Lennon), who is now a gynaecologist and recognised Ally's vagina, Tom (Mackie), the one Ally turned gay, and Jake (Annable), the arrogant, millionaire type. Also a special cameo from Aziz Ansari, as Jay, only a voice role, but funny none the less.

All in all it was a good rom-com, nothing special, but good. The performances were good and it had it's funny moments, but it did leave me feeling a tad underwhelmed. Faris was funny with what she was given, but there is only so much you can do with a predictable story. Also there were so many chances to be hilarious in the flashback scenes, but each time it fell a little flat. It's out now at cinema's and I think it is best you check it out and make your own decision, because it isn't terrible, but also it isn't amazing.

What's Your Number - Trailer