This is Jinsy - Review

Starring: Justin Chubb, Chris Bran, Alice Lowe, Janine Duvitski, Geoff McGiven, Harry Hill, Jennifer Saunders, David Tennant, Catherine Tate
Rating: *****

Air Date: Monday 10:10pm - Sky Atlantic

This absurd, wacky and hilarious sitcom is one of the best pieces of british television in years.

Set on the fictional island of Jinsy, the locals go about their daily lives, just trying to enjoy what they have got. Unfortunately they are always the target for scams, and most of the time they are gullible to go along with it.

Lead by the writers of the show and also the main characters (Chubb & Bran), each week the residents take us on an insanely zany journey through their daily lives, which are often taken up by television. The cast are brilliant, and with cameos from Harry Hill, a female television presenter, David Tennant, a Dale Winton type gameshow host, Jennifer Saunders, the voice of reason, and Catherine Tate, a clean-obsessed beard eater, where can the show go wrong. Nowhere is the answer, the show never goes wrong.

The best way to really describe the series to you is to show you, so I have added some hilarious clips from the show for your veiwing pleasure.